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similar to that, Canidae has a long history in the pet food industry dating back to its foundation 25 years ago. It offers both dog and cat food products with an emphasis on goodness for animals and the environment through regenerative agriculture farming and environmentally friendly enterprises. Through straightforward nutrition, ethically sourced ingredients, and protein-rich products, both businesses have a passion for enhancing the well-being and lives of pets. This combination will capitalize on that love. The Pure, Goodness, and All Life Stages product lines from Canidae, as well as the Limited Ingredient (LI) and Original Ultra product lines from Natural Balance, will be the company’s flagship offerings.
Both Nexus Capital Management, an alternative asset investment firm, and L Catterton, a leading global consumer-focused investment firm and the majority shareholder of Canidae, are putting in new growth capital as part of the deal to support the successful integration and long-term strategic growth of the combined business.

L Catterton’s Managing Partner Andrew Taub and Partner Matt Lischick noted, “Both Canidae and Natural We can build on the assets of each company since Balance has a strong consumer affinity, a great brand recognition, and a long history. We will be able to optimize manufacturing processes, make investments in product innovation, and strengthen our relationships with important pet retailers as a unified organization. We are eager to position our new platform as a premier supplier of quality pet food by utilizing our extensive expertise in investing in the pet sector.
Natural Balance has a demonstrated history of being a leader in the premium specialty pet food sector, and we are certain that Canidae is the perfect partner to strengthen and accelerate our growth. the brand’s strategic growth going forward, said Damian Giangiacomo and Jonathan Whitlock, Partners and Managing Directors at Nexus Capital the previous two years as a standalone company. Together, we will produce high-quality goods built on exclusive, formulae with fewer ingredients, and we’ll gain from increased scale and a skilled workforce. Natural Balance and Canidae are dedicated to promoting the well-being of our pets and the environment, and we look forward to providing our clients with even more options and value.

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About Natural Balance

Leading premium pet food company Natural Balance specializes in high-quality dog and cat food products that are only offered through pet specialty and online retail channels. Natural Balance was a pioneer of diets with fewer ingredients and has over 30 years of experience in creating superior formulations.

About Canidae Pet Food Company

Canidae’s narrative is one to be proud of, from the first truckload of food delivered to the most recent batch of pet chow produced in their Pet Nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas. In 1996, two pet owners who believed they could improve pet food launched Canidae®. improved nutrition. Superior taste. Better for us all and better for our dogs and cats. Since since, they have been dedicated to quality. Today, they uphold that devotion in more ways than just their nutrient-rich, premium pet food. Everything they do is motivated by it, including the farms they collaborate with and the land they harvest, as well as the workers they hire and the neighborhood pet food retailers they collaborate with. The products from Canidae are all high-quality, vet-reviewed, and carefully balanced for maximum health without fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives at a reasonable price. In order to introduce innovative, sustainable techniques to pet food, including cutting pesticide use, minimizing runoff, and embracing regenerative farming practices, Canidae is collaborating with US farmers and green technology businesses.

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Managing around $33 billion of money across three multi-product platforms—private equity, credit, and real estate—Catterton is a market-leading consumer-focused investment firm. The team at L Catterton, which consists of more than 200 investment and operating experts spread across 17 offices, works with management teams to generate distinctive value creation throughout its portfolio by leveraging deep category understanding, operational excellence, and a wide network of strategic contacts. Since its founding in 1989, the company has invested in over 250 of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world. Visit for more details about L Catterton.

About Nexus Capital Management LP

Nexus was established in 2013 and is a Los Angeles, California-based alternative asset investment management firm. Nexus partners with top management teams and companies to create long-term value through a flexible investing mandate. Nexus makes investments in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods, and education. The company takes great pleasure in being a flexible, innovative investor and a trustworthy, open partner to businesses and management teams.

Where Is Canidae Dog Food Made?

For obvious reasons, commercial dog foods are becoming more and more popular among pet owners. For starters, they are highly practical. Making your own pet food every day might be exhausting for pet parents who are already overburdened. Second, the correct commercial foods have the ideal ratio of nutrients for your dog and are created by professionals. The foods also come in a variety of flavors, allowing you to choose the finest one for your dog. Only a few products incorporate the incorrect components, which can hurt pets in a variety of ways.
Some businesses that profess to have your pet’s best interests in mind actually wind up doing the opposite, adding artificial colors, preservatives, and inferior ingredients to their products opposite. We’ll concentrate on the well-known Canidae dog food in this tutorial. If you haven’t done so already, you undoubtedly intend to purchase a product or several from the business. However, you must first consider where the food you are about to purchase is produced. You are in the proper location. Join us as we go into great depth on the location of the dog food manufacturer.

What Company Owns Canidae?

Owner of the Canidae dog food brand is the family-run Canidae Pet Food Corporation, which has its headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California. John Gordon and Scott Whipple, who were looking for healthful, high-quality meals for their pets at the time, launched it in 1996. Today, the business is one of many creating a diverse array of foods suited to various pet requirements. The portfolio includes crunchy treats, wet and dry balanced diets, raw-coated kibbles, and more. Canidae makes the claim that its dog foods are of the highest quality, are wholesome, organic, and manufactured by pet people. In cooperation with Diamond Pet Foods, the company began producing grain-free pet foods in 2005. The Canidae Pet Food Corporation opened a factory in 2012 in order to produce its own goods in Brownwood, Texas. The factory, known as Ethos Pet Nutrition, was acquired from an existing facility and is already producing some of the company’s feeds. With a few diets designed expressly for overweight and older dogs, the majority of Canidae’s products are suitable for all life stages. High-quality meats are present in adequate amounts. This is the reason the business prospered and kept its growth trajectory throughout time.

Where Is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Canidae maintains a manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas, as was previously indicated. Since the company’s founding in 1996, this has not been the case for approximately six years. Back then, the firm made most of its meals at facilities owned by other people. However, the owners had a hope that they would eventually manufacture their goods. In 2012, the dream at last become a reality. Not only were they able to create their own recipes, but they could also conduct research, develop new formulas, test them, and then distribute them. Along with producing its own food, Canidae also contracts out portion of its production to American Nutrition and Diamond Pet Foods. The latter is based in Utah and is in charge of making pet food menus for a number of well-known brands.

Is Canidae Dog Food Sourced From China?

In their goods, Canidae takes pride in employing only natural, nutritious, and top-quality components. The business has vowed to only purchase its fruits, meats, and veggies from regional farmers. However, it also sources ingredients from other parts of the world, such as France, Wyoming, New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest. To assure the finest quality in their pet foods, the company sources these ingredients from these places. Regarding quality, Canidae aims to provide its consumers with only the greatest recipes.
The AAFCO, FDA, and USDA’s stringent rules are strictly followed when creating its dog food recipes. For starters, the business tests its own goods to make sure they consistently adhere to industry standards. It enlists the assistance of the aforementioned organizations to ensure ongoing progress by Salmonella and other potentially hazardous germs are not present in the recipes. There are no indications that any of the components used by Canidae Pet Food Company are imported from China. The majority of it originates in the US and other nations like France and New Zealand.
This knowledge is undoubtedly a tremendous comfort if you are concerned about the somewhat laxer rules around pet food manufacture in China.

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