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Dabba in the Quran

The Quran mentions the word “dabba” fourteen times. It appears four times with the plural form “dawabb”. Let’s examine a couple of them in more detail.
And Allah made every animal out of water; some of them walk on two legs, some on four, and some creep around on their stomachs. Because He has control over everything, Allah creates what He pleases.
According to tafsir scholars, the term “abbatial-ard” mentioned in verse 82 of the chapter of an-Naml is a sign of the end of the world:
We will summon a beast from the earth to face them when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), and he will address them because people disbelieved in our signs with confidence.

According to the verse’s apparent interpretation, this dabba, which rises from the earth, will address people and accuse them of having a limited view of celestial occurrences. Others contend that dabba might represent radio, television, or even the Internet in light of the fact that these media are produced utilizing some fundamental materials that are mined from the soil. Some narratives claim that “The head of the dabba will touch the clouds.” As is well known, televisions are connected by satellites, and the satellite’s head is situated in the sky.
These tools are useful for people who follow halal-haram religious rules. They damage those who lack such requirements because those technologies. can be used for sin and evil; in fact, they are utilized more often for sin and evil.
We don’t think it’s necessary to take Dabba’s speech as being ironic. The dispositional language used to give this discourse is possible. For instance, even without tongues, traffic lights and signs convey a lot of information to individuals.

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What does Dabba say?

There are many divine signals in the world that we observe. The majority of individuals, however, are unaware of these indicators; they are carried along by the flow of daily activities and spend their days carelessly. Sometimes, Allah Almighty sends disasters to warn humanity. They might manifest as an animal, hurricane, flood, or earthquake.
According to the Quran, some tribes were punished by receiving animals. For example, frogs, lice, and locusts were brought to the Pharaoh and his tribe as a form of punishment for their stubbornness. They invaded everywhere. Similar incidents might occur today as well. The “teeth of the wind” locusts appear as a black cloud when they fall on a field of crops Nothing usable is left behind by them.
Similar to how Abraha and his army were dispatched against the Kaaba to destroy it, flocks of birds were sent in their place. These birds attacked the oppressed people with specific stones they carried in their beaks and feet. This incident is described in a different Quranic chapter. The Prophet was born not long after this incident, which is related in the chapter of Al-Fil. The chapter’s usage of the word “ababil” suggests that the birds arrived in flocks. In the description, it is referred to as a celestial bombardment. These birds arrived in flocks and treated anyone in their path “like a field of crop through bomber planes dropping bombs on targets.” where the locusts went.
According to the Quran, Allah is in control of the earth’s and sky’s armies. (31 Muddaththri) Anytime Allah pleases, He punishes disobedient individuals with the help of these soldiers. Water, for instance, is compassion (blessing). But if Allah so chooses, He turns it into a flood, just as He did when He wiped out the Noahic tribe. A torrent of groundwater and buckets of rain are falling. An obstinate and rebellious tribe is eventually submerged and removed from the historical record.
Some people could try to use coincidence to explain them. Coincidence, however, has no place in this world. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Allah does not play dice.” He forbids events from occurring, thus by accident. In the words of Hamdi Yazr, “The things that we regard as coincidence are actually divine acts” (Yazr, IV, 2802).
According to the Qur’an, Allah Almighty constantly takes action. Ar Rahman, 29 The fact that this world arose out of nothing demonstrates the existence of the Sublime Creator, just as the activities that occur in everything, from atoms to galaxies, demonstrate His deeds. The universe was created by Allah Almighty, yet He did not just leave it to operate like a wound clock. Without His approval, not even the smallest atom can move. The wind blows quickly on purpose and according to His instructions. It can operate like “a whip of wrath” as a storm or caress our faces as a wind.
Examining the dabba-related narrations reveals that dabba will manifest as a punishment at the end of time when people entirely stray from the path of righteousness. Thanks to the blessings of their faith, believers will not be harmed by it; however, rebellious individuals will be punished by it.

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Is AIDS dabba?

At this moment, the thought of the AIDS virus may cross your mind because it typically spreads through illicit partnerships. Throughout history, there have always been illegal partnerships, but they have never grown so large or assumed the form of a fad. From this perspective, it is very reasonable to consider the AIDS virus to be a sort of divine vengeance.
Furthermore, the following Solomon-related episode from the Quran might be a symbol for one aspect of dabba:
The assertion that Solomon used jinn to construct enormous structures, sculptures, and other works is followed by the assertion that:
Then, when We decreed (Solomon’s) death, nothing but a tiny earthworm that kept nibbling away at his staff served as a sign of it. When he collapsed, the Jinn were able to clearly see that if they had known the unseen, they would not have continued to suffer the humiliating Penalty (of their Task). (Saba, 14).
When the jinn were at work, Solomon reportedly leaned on his staff and checked them. He was leaning on his staff when Azrael, who had not yet arrived, entered and snatched his soul. The jinn didn’t know he was dead, but they went on with their mission. Solomon fell to the ground when an earthworm chewed away at his staff, breaking it.
The jinn didn’t understand he was dead till afterward. They wouldn’t have labored as arduously in anguish if they had understood what lay ahead.
(Note: Solomon’s staff is understood to represent the governmental structure he founded, and the worm is understood to represent the committees working to topple the structure Allah is the finest.
This dabba bit at similar to Solomon’s staff and the AIDS virus, dabbatul-arz can gnaw at and ultimately defeat some persons who have crossed the line.
However, in order to respond to the query “Is dabba AIDS?” AIDS can be a part of a dabba, but it might not fully express it, therefore “yes, will cause some problems.”

We regard it useful to view the issue as follows:

The word “dabba” referenced in the verse is an indefinite noun that lacks the letter “al” (al in Arabic is equivalent to “the” in English), indicating that it refers to an unidentified being. The absence of “the” before the word “dabba” may indicate that it is unknown or that it cannot be fully known.

Indicate something rather than include it. The meaning of the word dabba is ambiguous; it may refer to AIDS or television that is exploited for evil.Religion is a litmus test. The test allows the mind access while leaving the human volition intact. As a result, it will be incorrect to anticipate that there will be pretty easy to understand for all. For instance, waiting for a Mahdi who will settle everything as if he has a magic wand or a dajjal with the word “unbeliever” written on his forehead entails failing to comprehend such narrations in their entirety. It’s like waiting for the Cave People (Ashab al-Kahf) to emerge from the cave once more. The narration “The People of the Cave will awaken during the time of Mahdi” is found in some texts. That is, because it is made apparent in the Kahf chapter that the People of the Cave are some youthful people, Mahdi will awaken the youth that has been dormant for three hundred years.
We can see it in the narratives have reported and the assessments that we’ve done indicate that the issue is currently in limbo since we haven’t come to a consensus on a final resolution.
Man’s knowledge is constrained. For instance, we are unable to provide precise responses to queries like “What is time? Describe spirit. Some aspects of certain cosmological realities call into doubt the opacity of those realities. For instance, we still don’t fully understand what an atom is, and we haven’t figured out how life came to be. In other words, certain problems are like rose buds; as we peel back one layer, we reveal more layers that are also ready to be removed. We must make an effort to understand the unknowable. To look for these various enigmatic problems is like a maritime cruise. Man cannot see properly what is in front of him. However, this uncertainty adds excitement and beauty to the cruise.
We believe that viewing this issue in that light is preferable. Those who claim that “this is what is meant by that” may later feel ashamed if it turns out not to be the case. Therefore, it is more appropriate and careful to state, “Instead of making a certain decision,”
In his work “Mufradat,” Raghib provides the following summary of the many points of view on the subject: “Dabba” is a creature that is distinct from other animals. Additionally, it is noted that “dabba is referring to the most evil people who are like animals in terms of ignorance.”
In that situation, the word “dabba” refers to all creatures that lumber or travel slowly, similar to how the word “chain” is used as a plural, “khana”. According to what is mentioned in a hadith, jassasa means a spy who gathers information for Dajjal (Anthi-Christ). Qadi Baydawi and several hadith scholars identified it as “jassasa” (spies). The following is what Abu’s-Suud says: A spy, this dabba. It is confirmed to be obscure and this is why it is stated as a common noun with tanwin to highlight the oddity of its notoriety and the unexplainability of its traits and actions.
This hadith states that the dabba is a leader who will rise to great prominence and create an Islamic sultanate. It goes without saying that someone who possesses both the Sulayman ring and the Musa staff will be a remarkable person. He will be a decent person, not a nasty one; he will make believers smile and make unbelievers break their noses. The verse’s next line, “…he will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in our Signs,” makes it necessary. Next, the Quran indicates that it is not difficult for Allah to be ruthless toward unbelievers, which is why he is given the epithet “dabba.” It is just as simple to make as picking up a standard dabba from the ground to generate it. We will also include some quotes from analyses on the problem:

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  1. Ibn Jarir quotes Hudhayfa b. Asid as saying, “Dabba appears three times: In the first, it blends into certain deserts before going underground. In the second, it appears in a few cities after the rulers have shed blood and then hides once more. The earth then begins to fling individuals when they are inside the most prestigious, largest, most virtue-filled mosque. As people begin to flee, a group of believers remains and declares, “Nothing but Allah can save us.” Dabba climbs over them, shining a dazzling star-like light over their faces. It then travels; neither the one who pursues it nor the one who flees from it can be spared. It approaches a man who is praying and tells him, “By Allah, you are not a person who prays.” He’s caught by it. The believer’s face is brightened, and the unbeliever’s nose is broken. What will the people’s situation be like at that time, we questioned? They are neighbors in the land, property partners, and traveling companions, he declared.
  2. According to many academics, dabba manifests when the good and the wicked are no longer forbidden.
    In a verse, it says: “Then, when We decreed (Solomon’s) death, nothing but a little showed them their death.” When he collapsed, the Jinns were able to clearly perceive that, had they known about the unseen, they would not have continued to suffer the humiliating Penalty (of their Task). (Saba, 34/14)
    Regarding the character of the worm that devoured Hz. Sulayman’s staff, there are two perspectives: The first inspection indicates that it is a well-known woodworm.
    The other viewpoint claims that it is a worm that consumes employees.
    Similar to how the dabba consumed Hz. Sulayman’s staff, some persons who cross the line into immorality and disobedience may succumb to the AIDS virus or another illness.
    The Prophet (pbuh) asserts in a hadith that abbatial-ard is one of the indications of The sun rising in the west and the beast appearing in front of people in the morning are the first signs of the impending doomsday.

Dabbat al-ard

When the purpose for which all things were created, namely to display the Names and Attributes of God, is fulfilled and the earth is no longer required to serve as an arena of exhibition, is the “when” to which the verse relates. Because God wills for Himself to be recognized and proclaimed, such an exhibition was held. God will order the abolition of both people and the planet when neither is known about when people ignore His signs and reject the Truth, when there are no longer any believers left despite their numbers steadily declining, and when the corrupted world is no longer required. God will create a speaking dabba from the dirt to carry out this command. Does it speak by itself there won’t be real believers in the signs of God from that point forward, as evidenced by voice, gesture, or other ways. Additionally, the fact that the verses referencing the Resurrection immediately follow the one you just read suggests that dabba al-ard is one of the most significant and final signals of the end of the world.
Dabbat al-ard is one of the ten indications of the Last Day and is most likely the last. The verse makes it evident when read in the context that all Islamic life, movements, and principles will come to an end, that new believers will not succeed the previous believers, and that those who believe in God will lack conviction and confidence. One explanation is that humanity’s obsession with “creating” something will have led them to attempt to manufacture human beings, produce robots, and try to hand over the management of affairs to them. As a result, the world will be populated by people who will claim (and believe) that “I created this or that.” And those who produce such A claimant will never be completely assured of their faith and understanding of God. That is one of the things that can be drawn from the verse’s overall context.

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