Strawberry Pacman Frog

The horned frog species known as the Strawberry Pacman frog is indigenous to South America. These amphibians are quite popular as pets. Although they are primarily terrestrial and have weak swimming abilities, they do spend most of their time in damp settings. Although they aren’t as active as Pacman in the game, their animated character garnered them the nickname of the Pacman frog. Interesting pets, Strawberry Pacman frogs typically spend their time relaxing in their enclosure.

Quick Facts about Strawberry Pacman Frogs

Species Name:Ceratophyrs ornata
Common Name:South American Horned Frogs
Care Level:Moderate
Lifespan:10.5 to 15.5 years
Adult Size:4.5 to 5.5 inches
Minimum Tank Size:10-gallon terrarium
Temperature & Humidity75°F to 85°F and 50% to 80%

Do Strawberry Pacman Frogs Make Good Pets?

If you’re anticipating a pet that jumps and climbs a lot, Strawberry Pacman frogs won’t be a good choice for you or your family because they are calm and passive. They have a big appetite, and satisfying their needs requires some effort. Although they are not the simplest pets to care for, they are also not the most difficult.


The two huge eyes that protrude like horns from the rounded bodies of Strawberry Pacman frogs give them dynamic qualities. The males of these particular frogs, which can grow to a maximum length of 5 inches, are typically smaller than the females. Compared to their green and brown siblings, their brilliant orange, yellow, and cream-colored skin contains oval and kidney-shaped patterns that make them an entertaining pet to look at.

How to Take Care of Strawberry Pacman Frogs
Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup


Since Pac-Man frogs often sit and wait for their prey, they don’t need a lot of space. They spend the most of their time waiting for food to pass by while burrowed into the substrate with their eyes protruding. The recommended terrarium size is ten gallons, but you can make it more if you like.


Keep your terrarium’s lights on for 12 hours each day and then turn them off for 12 hours. Although fluorescent lighting is preferable, there are occasions when a simple room light may enough to keep your frogs on a regular schedule.

Heating (Temperature & Humidity)

The ideal temperature for strawberry Pacman frogs is kept at or near the mid-seventies. Maintain the enclosure’s temperature between 75°F and 85°F using a thermometer. High 80s temperatures have the potential to be fatal.
Similarly significant is humidity. It must be between 60% and 70% humidity for these frogs. To keep it ventilated and avoid skin infections, use a half-screen top.


Since Pacman frogs burrow into their substrate, a loose surface is excellent. They love to burrow in ground coconut as a substrate, but moss or paper can work well.

Feeding Your Strawberry Pacman Frog

Strawberry The Pacman frogs are not picky eaters and are simple to feed. When they are hungry, they will bite at anything that is placed in front of them. The most typical food source for gut-loaded crickets is worms, though they also consume wax worms and mealworms. Smaller fogs and pinkie mice can occasionally be eaten by larger frogs. Feed smaller frogs insects on a daily basis, and larger frogs larger meals every few days.

Keeping Your Strawberry Pacman Frog Healthy

Maintaining their environment, cleaning it once a month, and controlling the light, heat, and moisture will keep Strawberry Pacman frogs healthy. The biggest threat to amphibians’ health is bacterial and fungal infection. These are typically distinguished by swelling or redness of the skin. Ventilation is essential for managing these issues.
If the temperature in your tank is too high, parasites might take over and harm your frog. They might develop a respiratory infection if it’s too humid. The secret to maintaining their health is to regulate environmental levels.


Strawberry In the wild, Pacman frogs typically only survive up to five years, while captive frogs can live up to 15 years in a secure environment. They will eventually start eating each other if you house them with other frogs.

Are Strawberry Pacman Frogs Friendly? Our Handling Advice

Even though these frogs are calm, avoid handling them unless it is absolutely necessary. These frogs’ delicate skin could become damaged if you handle them. They also enjoy eating, so dangling your fingers in front of them will only result in a bite.

Brumation: What to Expect

These frogs get brumation when their environment is excessively dry or the food supply is limited. Their skin hardens at this phase, they bury themselves underground, and they become immobile for extended periods of time. They probably aren’t dead, so don’t assume they are. Keep the tank moist and wait for them to emerge from that tough skin to remedy this.

How Much Do Strawberry Pacman Frogs Cost?

Amphibians are inexpensive pets, and it’s not difficult to locate one from a reliable breeder. Costs for strawberry Pacman frogs range from $50 to $100.

Final Thoughts

For people who wish to observe these amphibians from a distance and don’t intend to handle them or receive much action, the Strawberry Pacman Frog makes a good pet. As long as the kids are aware of some of their fundamental needs, caring for them isn’t difficult, and they may be a family pet. They deserve someone who can give them the healthy life that is necessary for them to live long.


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