A cross between a boxer and a pug is known as a poxer. The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and the Designer Breed Registry (DBR) both recognize this crossbreed of designer pugs. A poxer can be the best choice for you if you have a strong affection for the two parent breeds, the pug and the boxer. Go on to find out more!

Appearance of the Poxer Breed

Poxers can have a wide range of appearances, just like any other crossbreed. The following are some traits that the poxer breed has in common:

  • Light or dark-colored hair
  • brief hair
  • Straight or curly tail
  • brief muzzle
  • medley size
  • A giant poxer is not unusual as one of the parent breeds is medium to large in size. In contrast, a poxer that receives more of a pug influence will probably be smaller, which would make it simpler to live with if you don’t have a lot of room.

How Much do Poxers Cost?

It is impossible to estimate how much poxers typically cost because we haven’t really seen many on sale. Nonetheless, according on what we have observed, poxers may cost anywhere from $400 (about £310 GBP) to $1,000 ($775 GBP). In general, pug hybrid breeds—including poxers—tend to be slightly less expensive than their parent breeds.

The Characteristics of Poxers

The best course of action is to examine the parent dog breeds in order to gain a solid understanding of the traits of the poxer breed. Pugs are known for being vivacious, affectionate toward people, excellent with kids, clever, and playful. The boxer and pug have certain traits in common. For instance, boxers possess intelligence, playfulness, friendliness, and familial loyalty. Furthermore, if you intend to live with a poxer, keep in mind that boxers need a lot of physical exercise, are brave, and are alert.

Poxer Photos

We have a male Pug and a little female Boxer. The boxer was saved by us, and before we could get her spayed, she gave birth to a litter of puppies. These are pictures of the parents and the four infants. They have the cutest authority ever pups! A lot of fun and play!

Contributed by Bridgette “I saved Jay-Jay the Poxer from being left in a cage by breeders. He is such a blessing so fun, affectionate, and devoted. His curling tail melts my heart, and he must have his cuddling babies in his mouth before he goes to sleep. I wanted to post pictures of my true love. Oh, on August 8, 2018, he became one year old. Like velcro, he sleeps next to me. Can you tell that I adore him?

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