National Tabby Cat Day

Here are your top 10 tabby cat questions and their answers in honor of National Tabby Day. Topics range from how to get a purr-fectly lovely tabby cat of your own to be your fur-ever companion to questions about their personalities, breeds, and longevity six-minute read.

National Tabby Cat Day

April 30th is National Tabby Day, a day dedicated to honoring felines of all hues! Because my first cat was a gray tabby named, well, Tabby, I’m quite paw-tial to tabbies!
Tabby was not just my first cat, but also the first pet I ever rescued! He was being given away to a good home at a pet store when we came to his rescue.
As you can see, Tabby was now six years old months old, and nobody was willing to spend money on a “big” kitten. He was so continually ignored in favor of the younger ones. However, we brought him home because we believed he was ideal.
In light of National Tabby Day and in remembrance of my own unique Tabby, here are the answers to ten of your most often asked questions about tabby cats!

What Breed Is a Tabby Cat?

The distinction pertains to a color pattern, not to the precise breed that some people believe tabbies to be. There are various types of tabby patterns, such as classic, mackerel, spotted, ticking, and patched. Sometimes, like with a black cat, the stripes are so thin that they are barely noticeable unless the cat happens to be in direct sunlight.
The recognizable “M” on each of their foreheads is one thing they have in common. The tabby cat’s unique marking is the subject of multiple legends.
The most widely accepted version claims that a tabby cat curled up next to the infant Jesus in the manger to keep him warm. Mary, the mother of Jesus, inscribed her initial on the cat’s forehead as a token of appreciation.
One more legend claims that it originated from a cat that furrowed its brows so deeply and for an extended period of time while staring at a mousehole!
Whatever their origins, tabbies are lovely, devoted friends who should all find forever homes.

What Is a Tabby Cat’s Personality?

National Tabby Cat Day

Although each cat is unique, tabby cat parents have noticed some characteristics are more prevalent in their M-marked furry pals. It’s common knowledge that tabby cats are loving, gregarious, lively, and affectionate.
The majority of cats are playful, amiable, loving, and have tabby markings, which accounts for about 70% of cats. I believe most cat parents would concur with this assessment!
Your tabby cat is probably going to have the personality features typical of the breed if it is a member of that particular breed, such as the energetic and inquisitive Abyssinian or the calm Maine Coon.

Are Orange Tabby Cats Friendly?

Some claim that orange cats are generally more spirited than their less spirited counterparts.
Another myth is that orange tabby cats are lazy compared to other cats. However, some people think this is just because of the widespread popularity of a particular orange tabby cartoon that enjoys lasagna and despises Mondays.
Although studies haven’t shown that orange cats are more violent or lazy than other types, we do know that showing love and affection to our cats makes them more likely to be amiable and kind toward us regardless of their color.

Do Tabby Cats Shed?


You might be shocked to hear that the amount of shedding your tabby cat does not really depend on whether they have long or short hair.
Given that the term “tabby cat” describes a pattern on their fur, tabby cats can be of any breed. The breed of your tabby cat undoubtedly influences how much hair they shed.
For instance, the stunning Siberian tabby cat with long hair doesn’t shed at all! There are cats like the mischievous Devon Rex and the devoted Bengal that are excellent choices if you’re searching for a short-haired tabby that doesn’t shed a lot.
There are many ways to keep your home fluff-free, even if your tabby cat comes from a breed that sheds a lot.
Regularly brushing your cat can be very beneficial. You are able to utilize either a standard slicker brush or a Furminator-style de-shedding instrument. Cats with thick undercoats will benefit most from them (side benefit: your cat will have fewer hairballs too!).
A vacuum that is made to collect pet hair is your greatest friend if you have hair that gets past your frequent brushing and ends up all over your house.

Are Tabby Cats Hypoallergenic?

It is untrue that a cat may be completely hypoallergenic, despite popular belief.
Some cat breeds, nevertheless, are likely to produce fewer allergic reactions than others if a person is allergic to cats.
Cat allergies don’t actually result from an allergy to the hair itself—at least not directly. They have an allergy to a particular protein that can be found in urine, dander, or saliva. Since cats lick their fur to groom themselves, the protein also ends up on their hair.
Your best option if you’re interested in adopting a tabby cat but have minor cat allergies is to go for a breed that has low levels of this protein. Surprisingly, this comprises some Siberian and Bengal cat breeds are among the “low shedding” breeds previously mentioned.

How Long Do Tabby Cats Live?

National Cat Day

The lifespan of a tabby cat can range from 15 to 20 years. You can take many steps to assist your cat in achieving this objective, including as feeding her a healthy diet, ensuring that she receives frequent veterinarian care, and keeping her indoors. We love and enjoy our dogs so much, and we should do everything in our power to ensure that they live long, happy, healthy lives as well.

How Much Do Tabby Cats Weigh? What’s the Average Weight of a Tabby Cat?

The typical tabby cat weighs between six and ten pounds.
It’s crucial to keep in mind that a cat is referred to as a “tabby” based on her hair pattern rather than her breed, and some breeds can weigh up to 10 pounds! Some cats can weigh up to fifteen pounds, such as Maine Coons.
Whether your tabby cat is at her appropriate weight is more significant than the number on the scale. To determine whether your cat needs to shed a few ounces, there are a few easy tests you may perform at home.
Please see your veterinarian to develop a safe, efficient, and customized weight-loss plan if you think your cat might need to lose a little weight in order to live her best life.

Do Tabby Cats Have Spots?

It is true that tabby cats can have spots! They may also have areas of color, tiger-striped stripes down their sides, swirls all over their body, or almost no patterns at all.
The distinguishing “M” on their foreheads will be the only thing uniting them.
Fun Fact: A tortoiseshell tabby cat is referred to as a “torbie,” and the tabbies with colored patches are tortoiseshells.

Do Tabby Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Tabby Cat Day

Just like people, every tabby cat will have an individual personality. It would be difficult to respond to a question like, “Do children get along with other children?” for instance. Some kids get along really well with other kids. Some people get along terrible. Additionally, even if they do get along well with other kids, they may occasionally have a bad day. That’s a lot like tabby cats. A tabby cat has most likely learnt to get along with—or at least tolerate—other cats and animals if they have been around them since they were young.
Tabby cats may face greater challenges if they weren’t socialized with other animals as young animals.
In the event that you plan to acquire a tabby cat if you currently own a pet of your own and have pets in your home, kindly discuss your concerns with the staff at the rescue shelter in your community. They most likely have knowledge of which cats get along with other people (it might even be written on the cat’s information page!).

How Much Does a Tabby Cat Cost?

One of the best things about owning a tabby cat is that you won’t have to pay a lot of money to a breeder or pet store because “tabby” isn’t a breed!
You get to visit your neighborhood rescue shelter, which is the greatest place to meet a new furry family member.
The expense of the immunizations and spaying or neutering will probably need to be covered in part by a little fee, but in exchange, you’ll get to bring home a gorgeous boy or girl who will be eternally thankful for their new, loving home.

Tail End

Beautiful creatures, tabby cats are excellent choices for family pets. Everybody can find the ideal tabby because they come in a variety of characteristics and appearances. Please visit your local rescue shelter to take a look at a gorgeous little tabby cat that might be a good fit for your fur-ever home.


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