Muddy Mat

Muddy Mat – Luxurious Floor Mat, Perfect for Bathroom, Kitchen, Indoors and Out, Machine Washable/Dryer Safe

Product description

Kitchen, Indoors and Out, Machine Washable/Dryer Safe



Muddy Mats: the cutting-edge chenille mat that collects dirt and mud, the perfect way to maintain clean and organized floors! This mat, which is made of premium materials, is intended to catch dirt and mud from paws and shoes and keep it from being brought inside your house or place of business. In addition to being efficient in collecting dirt and debris, the chenille texture offers a supple and cozy surface for walking on. This mat is safe and stable to use on any floor surface thanks to its non-slip backing. Our chenille mat that traps dirt and mud is the best option for keeping your area neat and orderly. It comes in a range of sizes and colors to meet your needs.
Use this to keep your foyer tidy and uncluttered. Muddy Mat’s microfiber entrance rug is the perfect welcome trapper mat, perfect for removing grimy boot and shoe scuffs and paw prints. The days of wiping and massaging mud with a pile of soiled carpets on your knees to clean your dog’s soft paws are long gone.
[COMFORTABLE AND SOFT TO STEP ON] As your feet contact our luxurious chenille mat, you will feel the pinnacle of comfort. Excellent for usage in your kitchen, terrace, living area, bedroom, and bathroom with a shower. This can also be used as a pet mat to provide warmth and extreme comfort for your fluffy dogs and cats.
[ ABSORBENT ULTRA MOISTURE ] built with a generous layer of luxurious 1-inch chenille that can absorb up to 5X Its weight for optimal water absorption makes it perfect for collecting liquid from pet spills and shower floors.
[ ANTI-SLIP SUPERIOR GRIP ] For added safety, Muddy Mat offers excellent hold on both tile and hardwood floors, giving it optimal traction on any surface. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) backing with a textured surface provides an anti-slip grip.
[ DESIGNED TO LAST] Made with strong fabrics and careful double stitching for heightened durability. Simple Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat for a thorough cleaning. You can use fabric softener to provide extra fluff.


How big is Muddy Mat?

Available in many sizes; the Medium Medium, which measures 50 × 76 centimeters (19.685 x 30 inches), is the most popular. Click Shop Now above to view the remaining sizes in stock!

Will fit under my door?

Slides under most doors with ease. It stands around three tenths of an inch tall. Or, if you’d rather use metric measures, stands 2.6 cm tall.

Does Really absorb more than ordinary doormats?

Indeed. Ultra-absorbent microfibers used in the construction of trap dirt, dust, sand, and mud. Compared to regular doormats, it even absorbs more water, ice, and snow.

What are the cleaning instructions?

In addition, Muddy Mat features a unique latex backing to prevent liquids like rainwater from seeping through and harming your flooring.

Does my order come with a tracking number?

Although can be machine washed, it is best to let it air dry.

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