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Due to its medium to big size and its peaceful, charming, and well-balanced disposition, the domestic cat breed known as the Maine Coon is also known as a gentle giant. Despite its mouser origins, it is now a well-liked family, companion, and therapy pet that gets along well with kids, dogs, and other cats. It is only second to the Persian in terms of popularity.

What to Know Before You Buy

There are a few crucial things you should be aware of when purchasing a Maine Coon:
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This cat has medium-length fluffy hair. You should anticipate brushing yours frequently. You should brush it daily because of how much maintenance it requires. Its fur is smooth and straight, though, and it doesn’t often tangle or knot.
It likes the water. You won’t have any issues bathing your cat, unlike with other breeds.
That implies that, depending on its size, it will likely require a larger litter box. Additionally, as it ages, hip dysplasia is a risk.
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Breed History

The actual origins of Maine Coon cats are uncertain, however, they may be related to Siberian or Norwegian forest cats that were brought to North America by immigrants. There is also a myth that, out of fear for her life in 1793, Marie Antoinette packed six of her prized Turkish Angora and Siberian cats onto a ship with other valuable items headed for the New World. The ship, captained by Captain Samuel Clough, made landfall at Wiscasset on the coast of Maine, where the cats may have been saved and bred with other cats or developed naturally.
A crazier myth claims that raccoons and Maine Coons interbred, however, that is impossible to believe despite the fact that many have theorized that the Maine Coon’s tail looks remarkably like a raccoon’s tail. F.R. Pierce, who owned six of them, wrote a book in the 1860s on these odd cats. Maine farmers staged a competition called the “Maine State Champion Coon Cat” in the same decade. They quickly joined other cat exhibits, including those in Boston and New York City, both in 1895. A brown tabby Maine Coon named Cosey took home the silver collar and a medal for Best in Show at the latter competition.
Despite Maine Coons’ initial popularity, its obscurity followed the introduction of in the US of other long-haired breeds. The Central Maine Cat Club was established to protect and expand this distinctive cat breed after some people claimed they had become extinct in 1950. The Maine Coons weren’t given championship status until 1976. They are currently Maine’s official cat and the third-most-popular cat breed in the US.

Health and Entertainment for your Maine Coon


Because of their distinctive personalities, Maine Coons are referred to as the “dog of the cat world.” They exhibit qualities including intelligence, friendliness, affection, docility, and loyalty. The patient and inquisitive Maine Coon. Training is made simple by this. The industrious nature of this outdoor cat led to its widespread adoption as a therapy cat.
It may be hesitant or reserved at first when around unfamiliar people and animals, but it can quickly warm up and become amiable. It wants to be close to people but is not unduly dependent, even though it is not a lap cat.
Although it does not have a strong voice, it is recognized for its chirping and trilling sounds. Owners should anticipate these chirps and trills as reactions as opposed to meows.

Size and Weight

maine coon

The Maine Coon is a domesticated breed of cat that ranges in size from medium to enormous. It has big, slightly rounded eyes and medium-length fur that adds to its bulk. As the official state cat of Maine, where it originated, it is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Because of its powerfully boned, muscular body and smooth, shaggy coat, it can endure harsh environments. Its coat is medium on the body but lengthy on the body, tail, and under the belly. The Maine Coon often ranges in size from medium to enormous. The Maine Coon, especially the male, is typically rather large. Females can weigh 8–12 lbs, but males typically weigh 15–25 lbs. 10-15lbs for ladies. This makes males enormous to giant-sized and females medium-sized. Adults of both sexes range in size from 10 to 16 inches in height, with a tail that can grow to a maximum length of 38 inches.


Where you buy a Maine Coon cat will determine how much it costs. The cost is the typical adoption fee when coming from a rescue. Adult cats cost between $1,600 and $2,000 from reputable breeders, with show-quality cats costing more. The price from backyard breeders might be as low as $700.


Breeders charge between $800 and $2,000 for Maine Coon kittens. The price of kittens for sale varies depending on whether they are pet- or show-quality. Your Maine Coon kitten will probably be a mix if you choose to adopt it from a shelter, and the adoption fee will apply. An average of 5 kittens are born to Maine Coon mothers per litter.


These cats live 9 to 13 years with an average lifespan of 12.5 years. Arthritis, dental health issues, kidney problems, and cancer are just a few examples of health conditions that may affect a person’s quality of life or lifespan. To lessen the risk of health issues with a Maine Coon, consider a respected breeder who will have done a health screening of its parents and can provide you with a certificate of health for your adoption. A Maine Coon named Rubble became one of the oldest cats ever at 31 years old.

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