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Discover Little Live Pets’ world! Learn about animated pets that behave, act, and move much like actual animals! Never before have these animals been so genuine and alive, eager to share in beautiful moments.


“My Puppy’s Home” is a song from the Little Live Pets universe!
Build a genuinely wonderful abode. Begin by gathering everything you require to create the ideal residence for a puppy to call their own! This puppy responds to your touch and makes over 25 sounds and reactions. It will even chew on its toy bone.Use Little Live Pets My Puppy’s house to create a lovely house.

My Puppy’s Home

Zoogooz are the most wacky, gooey pet you can get—Little Live Pets Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz!
They are the most cuddly, adorable, and stretchy pets, and they adore spending time with you. They have a lot of personality and are hilarious. Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz: After they give you a hug, all you want to do is hang out with them!
Little Live Pets Mama Surprise elevates pet ownership to a whole new level, and now it’s accessible in a miniature size so that everyone may marvel at it!
Lil’ Bunny or Lil’ Mouse are the two variations of Mama Surprise Minis. Up to 4 gorgeous kids in adorable, distinctive poses are waiting to be found! Continue to be surprised and delighted each time you look after Mama and meet her baby.

Mama Surprise Minis

My Pet Lamb is the cutest, wiggliest, and wooliest little lamb who loves to go for walks, and it’s brand-new from the adorable world of Little Live Pets!
Your new pet lamb, Snowie, behaves, moves, and sounds exactly like a newborn lamb. Feed, play, and dance with Snowie before letting her lead you on an enjoyable walk.

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