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Hyacinth macaws, sometimes referred to as blue macaws, are the biggest type of macaw and have quite a striking appearance. These beautiful birds can be quite difficult to find as pets because they are threatened in the wild.

How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost?

They are also not the simplest macaws to maintain because to their size, dietary requirements, and noise levels. Hyacinth macaws can make excellent pets for seasoned bird owners, but you should carefully consider whether you can afford the $123–524 monthly cost of purchasing and caring for this bird. We’ll discuss the upfront costs of having a hyacinth macaw as well as a breakdown of continuing expenses in this article.

Bringing Home a New Hyacinth Macaw: One-Time Costs

Because blue macaws are so uncommon, their costs will be higher than those of other macaw species. Additionally, it will be harder to find them for sale. For instance, because they are so common, blue and gold macaw prices are among the lowest of all macaws.
In addition to the price of buying a hyacinth macaw, you’ll need to plan for a few more one-time expenses to get your bird acclimated and at ease in their new home.


It’s doubtful that you will get lucky and obtain a blue macaw for nothing due to their rarity. Having said that, occasionally owners underestimate their capacity to care for such a large bird and end up having to find them a new home. However, you must make sure you have the means to cover the recurring costs of keeping a hyacinth macaw. Later, more on that!


Rarely are hyacinth macaws available for adoption. But if you wait long enough, it’s possible that an exotic bird rescue can help you locate one. Due to their long lifespans, blue macaws frequently outlive their owners and wind up in a rescue.



The largest one-time expense you will need to budget for is the cost of a hyacinth macaw, which ranges from $5,000 to more than $12,000. The price of a macaw depends on its age and how docile it is. Because scammers are very widespread, be wary of blue macaw prices that seem too good to be true.
The fact that it is against the law to capture hyacinth macaws in the wild is another issue when purchasing one. Make sure you are purchasing a bird that has been captive-bred from a reputable breeder. If not, you risk being fined for keeping an unlicensed bird.

Initial Setup and Supplies


In addition to the price of purchasing a blue macaw, you’ll also need to budget for some extra upfront expenses. These expenses include the price of a cage or habitat for these enormous birds, veterinary expenses, and occasionally even the price of shipping one of these elusive species. Before bringing your macaw home, make sure their new living space is ready.

List of Hyacinth Macaw Care Supplies and Costs

Shipping Costs$50–$90
Vet Exam/Shots$50–$200
Travel Cage$200
Cage Light$85–$135
Nail/Wing Clipper (optional)$8
Cage Liners$20
Cage Cleaner$8
Flight Harness$35
Food and Water Bowls$10

How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost Per Month?

$123–$524 per month

After setting up your new hyacinth macaw, you’ll also need to pay some ongoing monthly expenses. Since hyacinth macaws have a relatively unique diet when compared to other species, food will be your main monthly expense. You should also budget for vet visits, toys, and maintaining a clean and fresh living environment for your bird.

Health Care

$45–$436 per month

More than just taking your hyacinth macaw to the vet once a year is required to maintain their health. In addition, you must give them the necessary diet and maintain adequate beak, nail, and wing maintenance. Hyacinth macaws can unfortunately experience illnesses, mishaps, or other veterinary emergencies that are frequently expensive, just like any other pet. A pet insurance plan can make it simpler to pay for these unforeseen medical expenses.


$40–$60 per month

Compared to other macaw species, hyacinth macaws need a diet that is heavier in fat. They need to consume a certain amount of nuts each day in addition to high-quality pellet diet to meet their needs for fat. They could eat macadamia or brazil nuts, for example. Additionally, blue macaws require a regular range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hyacinth macaws use a lot of food due to their size, which raises monthly food expenses.


$0–$60 per month

If provided access to a birdbath or regular misting, hyacinth macaws typically keep themselves fairly clean. However, you will need to frequently trim their wings, beaks, and nails. The beak of your bird should not be trimmed at home, although providing a lot of tough chew toys might help maintain it short. Otherwise, you must ask your veterinarian or groomer to do it. Your veterinarian can trim your macaw’s wings and nails for you, or you can ask them to show you how.

Medications and Vet Visits

$0–$300 per month

Your hyacinth macaw should visit an exotic pet veterinarian at the very least once a year for a checkup. In order to identify any potential health issues early, your veterinarian may occasionally advise blood or stool tests as well. As your bird ages, it may develop health issues that call for ongoing treatment or more frequent trips to the vet. Keep in mind that hyacinth macaws may live up to 60 years, far longer than a dog or cat!

Pet Insurance

$5–$16 per month

A hyacinth macaw has a lot of chances to get sick or have an accident during the course of its 60-year career. Even if the cost of emergency veterinary care for birds isn’t necessarily as high as it is for a dog or cat, it still adds up. Your bird’s emergency medical expenses and, depending on the policy, certain routine preventative treatment may be covered with the aid of pet insurance.

Environment Maintenance

$28 per month

Hyacinth macaws may be quite untidy, just like all birds can be, and this is made worse by their size. You’ll need to set aside money each month to keep their living area organized and clean. Hyacinth macaws also require easy access to a variety of toys for them to gnaw on and play with. They are hard on their toys because their beaks are so powerful, so you should plan on replacing them frequently.


$50–$60 per month

To keep them occupied, hyacinth macaws require a steady stream of toys. Because they enjoy chewing so much and have such strong beaks, they will go through a lot of toys. Consider subscribing to a monthly toy box as an excellent way to budget for all that destruction. Your hyacinth macaw will always have a new set of toys to keep them entertained if you do this.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Hyacinth Macaw

$123–$524 per month

Remember that these monthly expenses are only estimates and may change depending on local prices. The number of birds you have and the age of your blue macaw will also have an impact on your costs. Due to their sociable nature and love of company, hyacinth macaws occasionally require the presence of another bird.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Budgeting for one-time expenses and recurring expenses can be done reasonably well, but maintaining a pet—including a hyacinth macaw—always entails supplemental or unforeseen charges. For instance, who will take care of your blue macaw while you’re away? Costs for boarding or pet-sitting could range from $15 to $65 per day.
Additionally, you might want to think about saving $1,000 to $1,500 in an emergency fund to cover any unanticipated medical costs or home repairs brought on by a bored blue macaw with a beak strong enough to split coconuts.

Owning a Hyacinth Macaw on a Budget

The biggest expense will probably be purchasing the hyacinth macaw itself, therefore there aren’t many expenses you can eliminate to possess one. Even though it will take a lot of patience, you might be fortunate enough to be able to save one of these endangered birds. Once you get them home, they will need a lot of attention and care, which will unavoidably cost money. Simply said, hyacinth macaws are not inexpensive pet birds that are simple to care for.

Saving Money on Hyacinth Macaw Care

The purchase of a large enough cage or enclosure to house the blue macaw can be the next most expensive thing after the expensive blue macaw itself. Giving your hyacinth macaw their own room in your home can save you money if you have the space and don’t mind the cleaning. In any case, these birds like having additional room to spread their wings and soar, so this option can both save you money and make your bird happier.
Bulk purchases of the nuts and pellet food for your macaw are another way to cut costs. Despite being a monthly cost, pet insurance can nevertheless result in financial savings over time by helping to cover high veterinary expenses.

Final Thoughts

The biggest cost of owning a hyacinth macaw is going to be transporting it home. Blue macaws often need either an aviary or a custom-made giant cage, both of which are pricey, because they are too enormous for standard-sized cages and typically cost an average of $10,000 to purchase. When your macaw arrives at your house, your monthly expenses will be comparable to those for other large macaws with the additional cost of a monthly nut budget to satisfy the blue macaw’s requirement for a fatty diet.
You must be assured that you can meet the hyacinth macaw’s time and attention requirements in addition to the financial commitment. Depending on how old both of you are and the fact that these birds can live up to 60 years, they may very well outlive you when you receive one, of you are. Make sure you have a strategy in place for caring for your blue macaw in that scenario. In order to ensure that blue macaws are properly raised and tamed, their owners must give them a lot of care and experience. If you’ve never kept a pet bird before, you might want to think about a different, less expensive variety that might be simpler to take care of than a hyacinth macaw.



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