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On all of our aircraft, pets in the passenger cabin are welcome to weigh up to 10 kg (with the transport kennel). Traveling with your pet by your side makes the trip much more relaxing and enjoyable.
Larger animals can also travel in safety and comfort. To learn more about this choice, select the associated tab on the next menu.

Form for pets that travel in the passenger cabin


The first step for anybody who wants to travel with their pet is to fill out the authorization form for this type of transport, in addition to being aware of all the regulations regarding the Pet in the Cabin service.

This must be completed before to boarding on both domestic and international flights. Use the passenger cabin transport solicitation form to access the animals. If you’d rather the form can be obtained at the airport service desk as well.

Choosing the ideal kennel for your pet

The kennel you provide for your pet needs to be leak-proof and include an access for air circulation. Additionally, it ought to be cozy so that your pet can:

  • Adjust your posture.
  • possess the ability to travel around itself.

Give a slight bow.
We advise selecting a flexible kennel if your pet does not currently have a kennel. Apart from being secure and cozy, this model guarantees increased dexterity during takeoff and landing. The kennel from GOL is the perfect size and provides all the comfort your pet requires! You may get yours here, if you’d like.

Dimensions allowed for the transport kennel in the passenger cabin

Flexible kennelHard Kennel
Maximum Weight10kg (pet + kennel)10kg (pet + kennel)

General recommendations about the transport kennel


In order to guarantee your pets’ safety throughout the journey, the kennel needs to:

  • possess inside measurements that correspond to the animal’s size, enabling it to live comfortably and preventing injury to itself.
  • be constructed from fiber or durable plastic to keep the animal from escaping. It should be noted that kennels constructed of straw, wood, or other materials will not be approved.
  • possess tiny apertures on the side for ventilation.
    Contain closures, either internal or exterior, that hinder unintentional opening;
    possess an interior floor that is covered or equipped with a substance that collects the animal’s waste and pee to stop leaks while being transported.

be completely cleaned, sanitized, and delivered to GOL in order to protect the animal and other people from infection.
Finally, the transport kennel needs to be located contains the name, address, and phone number of the passenger who is in charge of bringing the pet along, along with the reservation code (locator) for the flight.

How your pet is transported

Gol Airlines pet policy
Gol Airlines pet policy

Your pet will stay in the transport bag in the boarding area, GOL Premium Lounge, and throughout the duration of the flight in order to ensure the wellbeing and safety of both the pet and all other passengers. In addition, the animal must:
It is required that you be transported in the window seats, excluding the rows closest to the emergency exit.
Throughout the journey, stay inside the transport sack that will be tucked beneath the seat in front of you.
Regarding the pet transportation, it’s crucial to take into account:
It is not advisable to put pets to sleep because of the side effects of medication, which might worsen the animals’ condition or possibly have the reverse effect and make them more agitated. The animal needs to be clean, healthy, and free of from disagreeable smell.

Who cannot be responsible for transporting a pet

Are not permitted to be in charge of the pet’s transportation for safety reasons:

  • children under the age of twelve, whether or not an adult is present.
  • adults holding a lap child.Individuals using wheelchairs (except from those who travel with a guide dog).

Rules for guide dogs and emotional assistance dogs transpot

Those with disabilities who travel with a guide dog or hearing dog are exempt from the policies and principles outlined for the Pet in the Cabin service. In these situations, the dog’s transportation is guaranteed for both domestic and international flights; nevertheless, a few guidelines must be followed.
Visit our webpages containing the information for individuals with hearing impairments to find out how to travel with a hearing dog.
Visit our webpage with the information for people with vision impairments to find out how to travel with a guide dog.
Travelers with emotional or psychiatric conditions who require extra care are permitted to bring their guide dog on flights that originate or end in the United States or Cancun.
Look up additional details about Emotional Animals that provide assistance.


How to check-in with your pet

If you want to travel with your pet, you must check in only at the GOL desk. It’s crucial that you arrive with these in order to ensure greater calm:
two hours prior to domestic flight check-in;
For international flights, check-in three hours in advance.
You must use this time to provide the completed Request for Transport of Animals in the Client’s Cabin together with all the documentation needed for your trip’s destination.
You will discover more about the required paperwork and particular regulations in various Brazilian locations and other nations in the upcoming articles.

Important information

The original version and excellent conservation condition of the papers must be met upon check-in.
Documents proving immunization obtained through street campaigns are not accepted since they lack the veterinarian’s signature, the vaccine’s composition, and their stamp.
The vaccination card and health attestation are not required for cats or dogs’ transit passports. Countries with comparable agreements to Brazil have adopted the document.
It is necessary to provide the health attestation five days prior to the scheduled boarding date for flights to Suriname and or the United States. In addition, the document needs to state that there is no myiasis infestation.



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