Fox eye surgery

Fox Eye Surgery – What You Should Know About the Fox Eye Lift

Fox eyes

Canthoplasty is the technical word, but the nickname that has gained popularity for this plastic surgery treatment is “fox eye surgery.” It aims to change the eyes by elevating them at the sides towards the temples, giving them a more almond-shaped appearance. While some plastic surgery procedures have useful outcomes, fox eye surgery is only performed for cosmetic purposes. Indeed, fox eyes have become quite trendy thanks to celebrities and social media.

What Does Fox Eye Surgery Involve?

Fox eyes are made using the minimally invasive thread lift procedure, which involves positioning a fine barbed thread under the skin to raise it and change the appearance of that area of the face. This necessitates the use of a topical anaesthetic and a few tiny incisions. Here, the threads are just being used to precisely lift the sides of the eyes. The process doesn’t take very long; you may be done in only 30 minutes. Fox eye surgery, the less invasive thread-using alternative, and generic thread lifts fall under the eye lift discipline much like facelifts do. However, whereas a standard eye lift (blepharoplasty) tries to eliminate drooping and age-related indications, fox eyes are intended to change the appearance of the eyes the actual form. In order to combine these results, some surgeons will conduct both procedures at the same time.

How Long Do the Results of Fox Eye Surgery Last?

Because the utilised threads are designed to disintegrate under the skin, they cannot be removed again, and your results will ultimately disappear as well. In other words, the skin will return to its natural state of sagging once the framework ceases actively keeping it up. Doctors generally agree that less intrusive surgical alternatives to fox eye surgery have outcomes that last far longer; nevertheless, opinions on how long the latter lasts range from a few weeks to no more than three years. The most crucial factor to take into account when desiring fox eyes is that opinions vary from doctor to doctor, as do their training and credentials.

Risks and Safety

It is well known that the length and nature of recovery vary greatly, with some patients needing several weeks to feel back to normal. Although social media has played a significant role in the fox eye surgery fad, it has also helped to disseminate concern and caution about the treatment. Some patients have expressed worry about ongoing discomfort and disappointing outcomes. However, like with any cosmetic treatments, it all depends on the specialist you trust. While fads might entice you and prominent success stories can undoubtedly inspire you, it’s always crucial to take your time making a decision. Make sure consultations are conducted with a reputable and experienced doctor from a reputable facility and your dedication is maintained by research.

What makes fox eye surgery dangerous?

Fox eye surgery is essentially a thread lift, which seems very simple. The operation is said to have been developed in Honolulu fifty years ago, but its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. A surgeon or, more frequently, an aesthetician uses a needle to introduce the threads into the region. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads and silhouette soft threads are the two available forms of thread. PDO threads, which contain tiny hooks on them to connect to the skin, are frequently used in surgery to repair wounds. When the threads are tugged, the attachment—which some doctors refer to as “barbed thread”—causes the skin to lift because it hooks into the skin from the inside. putting alien objects into the Skin procedures don’t always go smoothly, and the frequent fox eye surgery issues serve just to emphasise this.
Patients who have had fox eye surgery frequently have disfigurement since recovery differs from person to person. It is impossible to predict how your body will respond to being dragged by PDO threads or the tiny hooks on the soft threads. Ripples, skin puckering, infection, and encapsulation are all well-known adverse effects of fox eye surgery. Both kinds of threads are intended to spontaneously disintegrate over the ensuing months, although many patients report feeling the threads through their skin. According to reports, the lifting results of the fox eye operation only genuinely last up to a year, and with fees starting around At £500, it’s difficult to see how the danger and expense might exceed the advantages. Fox eye surgery is a procedure that may be done by aestheticians, but like with any surgery, it’s crucial to have it done in a CQC-registered facility by a skilled surgeon.


If your lower eyelids are sagging or for purely aesthetic reasons, you might just want the fox eye lift. You could also be thinking about getting an eyelift to get rid of sagging skin and additional fat. If so, adding a fox eye lift could help you get the desired upward slant at your eye corners. In either case, Dr. Sadati can assist both men and women in achieving their desired aesthetic outcome. Board-certified face plastic surgeon Dr. Sadati has worked with a large number of patients in the Orange County region to achieve beautiful, natural-looking eye lift outcomes. He blends his training in the arts with his scientific qualifications to produce genuinely amazing outcomes. Call to set up your appointment if you’re considering an eye lift operation Today’s consultation for Newport Beach cosmetic surgery with Dr. Sadati.

Does a fox eye lift hurt?

The discomfort from a fox eye lift is comparable to a thread lift, which is not very great. A lateral or temporal brow lift and a lower eyelid canthoplasty, which raises the corner of the eye, are generally not unpleasant procedures. However, there may be some discomfort. Surgery is frequently performed while the patient is sedated and under local anaesthesia, however this is not a must. I give my patients pain medication, but they often stop taking any narcotic pain medications after around 24 hours and switch to Tylenol instead. However, everyone has a different pain threshold.

How much does it cost?

Whether we do surgery or employ threads will affect the cost. It depends on how many threads we use if we do. The price of open surgery might range from $6500 to $10,000 or $12,000. Thread lifts cost between $2,000 and $4,000. It’s amazing to note how many doctors who are unable to conduct surgery are now providing thread lifts. Patients believe that they can receive thread lifts anywhere, however “anywhere” may not necessarily be able to perform the procedure correctly. You should particularly look for someone who is knowledgeable with the architecture of the eyelids, threads, and the delicate tissue that surrounds the eye. Do you have any inquiries regarding the fox eye? I’ve answered a lot of them and am pleased to do so your inquiries. Email or call me at any time. I assist patients just like you every day, and I’d be delighted to see you in person or communicate with you by email.

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