English cream golden retriever

The English cream golden retriever is a wonderful option if you’re a fan of golden retrievers but want a different kind of dog. This unofficial dog breed describes an English golden retriever that has grown in popularity and has a particularly light-colored coat. View all of our professional product evaluations.
The English cream, as its full name suggests, is a breed of golden retriever that was developed as a gundog in Scotland. This dog’s forebears are the Wavy-Coated Golden Retriever and the Tweed Water Spaniel, both of which are extinct. From 1840 until 1890, the breeder was a Lord Tweedmouth. He was looking for a dog that would thrive in rough terrain and a wet climate. The British Kennel Club recognized the English Cream in 1911.
English vanilla dogs that are cheerful, clever, and simple to teach are golden retrievers. Choosing a trustworthy breeder will enable you to locate a gorgeous, individual puppy with lots of personality.

Size and Weight

English cream golden retriever

Medium-sized English cream retrievers have fluffy coats of light golden fur. The majority of English creams are 20 to 24 inches tall and weigh 45 to 75 pounds. Although the differences are not very great, male golden retrievers are often taller and heavier than their female counterparts.

Common Health Issues

Despite the fact that English cream retrievers are frequently healthier than American counterparts, both bloodlines have similar health problems. The majority of golden retrievers are prone to cancer, eye issues, and joint dysplasia. Have your veterinarian look for:


English cream golden

The personalities of English cream retrievers are loyal and intelligent. These canines are kind, devoted, obedient, and perceptive. Your golden retriever will obey your directions and enjoy going on family outings with you. English cream retrievers, like most golden retrievers, like playing, swimming, running, and spending time outside in general. These dogs require room to go about in order to release their energy; otherwise, they may begin acting out in harmful ways. Ensure your English cream has access to a yard and don’t forget to walk them for a good distance each day.

Best Dog Food

cream golden retriever

Because golden retrievers enjoy eating so much, if their food is not closely monitored, they may acquire weight. Choose a premium kibble that is high in protein, and feed your pet in reasonable portions that adhere to your veterinarian’s instructions. Should your dog exhibit destructive tendencies, it can be overindulging in calories and needs to have its serving sizes decreased.
English Vanilla It’s advisable to use dog food that is designed to assist dogs with allergies since golden retrievers are prone to allergies. Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Complete Environmental, Skin & Food Sensitivities Dry Dog Food Veterinary Diet is an excellent choice, particularly for English Cream Golden Retrievers with dietary or skin sensitivities.
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Maintenance and Grooming

English cream golden retrievers, like all golden retrievers, shed a lot. If you brush your dog every day and take it in for regular grooming, it will shed less. In addition, you should trim your dog’s nails, give him a wash once a month, and check his ears for infections.


Golden retrievers enjoy picking up new commands and are very easy to train. To build a solid bond with your new puppy, begin training it as soon as possible. After you’ve taught your dog the fundamentals, try to find games and tricks that will keep him engaged. It is important to schedule periodic refresher lessons to ensure that your dog retains all of the knowledge it has acquired.


Active lifestyles are common to golden retrievers. Your dog can start acting destructively if it doesn’t receive enough exercise. Make sure your dog has access to a yard or other spacious area so they may run around. After that, keep them busy by taking them on long walks, playing with them, or even taking them to a place where they may swim securely.



Puppy English cream is charming and captivating. A common observation made by many owners is that golden retriever puppies darken in color as they mature. This means that even if you select a puppy with an exceptionally light coat, when tit is an adult, tit may no longer be a true English cream. It is therefore best to choose a dog with a loving disposition and to let heredity determine its final color.


English vanilla Playful, devoted, and perceptive are the traits of golden retrievers. It’s not a good idea to let any golden retriever alone with little children, especially if they are too young to comprehend canine limits, even though they get along well with older children and make excellent family dogs. Watch your English cream closely, and remove it from the circumstance if you see signs of fatigue or irritation.

Similar Dogs

An English cream golden retriever’s distinct coat color and slightly different personality features pique the interest of many potential buyers. Consider purchasing a labrador retriever or a crossbreed of the golden retriever if you’d want a dog that looks similar.

Popular Names for English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retriever FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an English cream golden retriever?

A golden retriever with a light-colored coat that comes from an English lineage is known as an English cream golden retriever. Since no kennel club has officially recognized this breed, many breeders may falsely claim to be able to sell English cream golden retrievers with little to no inspection. Before making your purchase, be sure to inquire about pedigree details as all English cream golden retrievers can still be registered as regular golden retrievers in theory.

What is the difference between a golden retriever and an English cream golden retriever?

All golden retrievers are English by birth, however there are two distinct lineages because of differences in American and British kennel club criteria. Wider heads, stockier physiques, rounder eyes, and occasionally lighter coats are characteristics of English golden retrievers. Although an English golden retriever with a very light coat of fur is commonly referred to as a “English cream golden retriever,” conscientious breeders prioritize health above coat color when choosing their puppies.

How much do English cream golden retrievers cost to own?

A purebred golden retriever typically costs between $1,500 and $2,500 on average, more if it comes from a championship line. You will frequently discover English cream golden retrievers for sale at a reduced price because a light coat frequently disqualifies a golden retriever as a show dog. If you’re looking for a golden retriever with a lesser adoption price, don’t forget to check with your local animal shelter.

Are English cream golden retrievers good with kids?

All types of golden retrievers are regarded as excellent choices for family pets. Despite their playful and often loving nature, keep in mind that these dogs are big and prefer their limits to be respected. If you see signs of weariness or irritation in your golden retriever, keep a watch on them and take them out of a social situation.

How long do English cream golden retrievers live?

Compared to their American counterparts, English golden retrievers often have a slightly longer lifespan. Generally speaking, if you take your English cream golden retriever to the vet on a regular basis, they should live between 12 and 14 years.

Are English cream golden retrievers calmer?

Compared to American golden retrievers, English golden retrievers frequently have somewhat calmer temperament. But the change is quite slight, and it has nothing to do with the color of the coat. It’s important to keep in mind that no kennel club has officially acknowledged English cream golden retrievers, so be wary of anyone selling them. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that their personalities will differ from those of a typical golden retriever.

Are English cream golden retrievers good dogs?

The characteristics of English cream golden retrievers and other varieties are similar. These canines are perceptive, courteous, playful, and intelligent. Your English cream golden retriever can become your lifelong best companion if given the correct care and training.

Are English cream golden retrievers worth a higher price?

Purebred golden retrievers are expected to have a gold coat of various shades by both American and British kennel associations. The dog might not be chosen if its coat is excessively pale to the point where it almost seems white. As a result, some breeders might attempt to market English cream golden retrievers as a niche breed. The value of these pets is no higher than that of other purebred golden retrievers, and you should frequently bargain for less than you would for a dog with a registered pedigree.



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