Do Huskies Get Along with Cats?

Though some huskies get along well with cats, there’s a chance they could bite. They might hunt cats, particularly if they are unfamiliar or flighty. Make sure to introduce yourself carefully and politely.
This article will address whether or not huskies and cats get along as well as offer advice on how to improve the success of owning both animals together.

Huskies have Strong Prey Drives


Due to their strong hunting drives, most huskies may be dangerous with cats. Even though many people keep both in safety, leaving your husky and cat together unattended carries some risk.

The size of a husky is also important to take into account because, even when playing, they might harm cats. Keeping these two together is a significant job, but it’s not impossible.

Finally, remember that a husky may get along with one cat or even several, but that doesn’t guarantee they will get along with every cat. Raised with indoor cats, a dog may chase cats outside or perceive unfamiliar cats as prey while recognizing familiar cats as companions.

Tips for Adopting a Husky and Cat

Recognize the body language of cats and dogs. The majority of individuals are not sufficiently aware of the body language of their pets, which might cause issues. Take instances where the family claims their dog suddenly snapped and injured the cat! Almost invariably, there are cautionary tales that were overlooked.
Adopt a mature husky who has experience with cats. Puppies are less predictable because they haven’t developed into their prey drives yet. Your greatest option would be to get a husky from a foster caregiver that also owns cats!
Take in a cat that has grown up with dogs. Adopting a cat that has lived with dogs before will result in a more confident cat that is less likely to run from the dog and activate that predatory drive, however this isn’t as important.
Think about adopting before deciding to pursue an adoption.


Tips for Introducing a Husky and Cat

When acclimating the animals, begin with scent swapping while they are housed in separate areas. It’s never safe to put two animals together right away. Introductions should be gradual and supervised!
Till you are comfortable with your husky around the cat, keep them restrained. In this manner, the animals can readily be separated in the event that something goes wrong and no chase occurs.
When left unsupervised, think about separating them. To lower risk, it could be better to keep your dog and cat apart when you’re not home, even if they get along well.


Can huskies and cats live together?

It will be far more difficult for an adult husky to get along with cats. It will take some time for a little husky to get used to being among kittens, but in the end, it will learn how to coexist. A mature husky will also probably terrify your young kittens. After all, it’s all instinctive.

How do you introduce a husky to a cat?

  • Starting out. Ensure that the cat always gets access to a place free of dogs.
  • For now, keep the pets apart.
  • Feed them on opposing sides of a door that is closed.
  • Instruct in basic commands.
  • Start having in-person meetings.
  • Repeat the sessions every day.
  • Let your pets run around together.
  • Take care as you proceed.

Can a husky catch a cat?

The prey drive of Siberian Huskies is extremely high. In addition to small toy breed dogs, Siberian Huskies have been known to chase, hunt, and even kill cats, birds, squirrels, rabbits, and reptiles.

How do huskies deal with cats?

They may not realize that you are attached to your cat, or they may view your cat as a stray animal that has intruded into your home. Utilizing the concept of the pack mentality will be necessary to train your Siberian husky to behave well around your cat.

How do I stop my Husky from attacking my cat?

Settle: If properly rewarded, settle can assist a dog remain calm in the presence of a cat by telling it where to go. Strong recall and extremely well-trained settle are particularly beneficial in avoiding your dog from interacting with your cat.


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