Discover 20 Different Types of Roosters

Bright and charming, roosters are inherently guardians who take great care of their flock. When danger is approaching, their distinctive crows are utilized to sound the alert. A lot of roosters will also valiantly and fiercely protect their hens from intruders, even if it puts them in danger! These are funny and endearing birds that have a wide range of eye-catching hues and variations, each with unique qualities and attributes. Now let’s explore the various varieties of roosters and what makes them distinct!

What is a Rooster?

An adult male chicken is called a rooster. They are usually larger than hens (female chickens) and have a significantly different appearance. On top of their heads, roosters have a fleshy protrusion called a comb. Additionally, they have two fleshy flaps that hang down from their chins, called wattles. Furthermore, roosters occasionally have longer, more graceful tail feathers and are more colorful than female hens.
When the sun rises and a threat is approaching, roosters signal the arrival of the day with their distinctive crowing sound. Their responsibility is to keep the flock peaceful and safe from threats and predators while defending the other hens.

1 Rhode Island Red Rooster

Rhode Island Red Rooster

The Rhode Island red chicken, a domestic breed created in the US, is the official state bird of Rhode Island. Adaptable birds, Rhode Island reds lay 200–300 brown eggs a year in addition to producing meat. These gorgeous hens, true to their name, have rich red feathers that vary in color from rusty red-brown to almost black. Large black tail feathers distinguish Rhode Island red roosters from hens in terms of color. Their wattles, earlobes, and combs have a vibrant crimson color, and they weigh roughly 8.6 pounds.

2 Silkie Rooster

Silkie Rooster

Adorably fluffy, silkie chickens live up to their name thanks to their silky smooth feathers. Silkie roosters weigh only two to three pounds and have round, complex bodies. They are highly unusual in having five toes, while most breeds only have four. They also have black bones, flesh, and skin. Silkies are frequently grown for their meat as well as their eggs; hens can lay anywhere from 100 to 120 eggs a year. These amusing roosters are frequently kept as pets and “lap chickens” because of their exceptionally kind and loving dispositions.

3 Plymouth Rock Rooster


Popular because of their striking look and calm, trustworthy temperament, Plymouth Rock roosters are highly sought-after. Their lovely black and white feathers give them a wonderful speckled appearance, and they weigh about 7.5 pounds. They feature an amazing long tail, as well as vivid red wattles and combs. Plymouth Rock roosters take great pride in their duty as flock protectors and keep a close eye on the hens entrusted to their care. They are especially favored in the farming community since they are composed and normally behave nicely around people.

4 Polish Rooster


Polish roosters have amazing spiky feathers covering their heads, which can equal the most extravagant hairstyles, making them the rock stars of the chicken world. Regretfully, they are also less able to see thanks to these amazing head feathers, which increases their susceptibility to predators. Despite their lack of aggression, these 6-pound birds are nonetheless industrious and will promptly sound a prolonged and loud alert when predators approach. Some hens may even be more dominant than the roosters themselves because Polish roosters can be so timid and cautious!

5 Cochin Rooster


Raised mostly for exhibitions and shows, the gorgeous cochin chicken is rarely raised for its eggs or meat. Large cochin roosters, weighing between 8 and 13 pounds, are available in a variety of stunning hues. Their entire body is covered in fluffy feathers, even down the length of their legs, which resembles bushy bell-bottom pants! Since cochin roosters are usually mild and peaceful, they don’t make the most assertive guardians. Some are even gentle enough to sit on your lap and even take pleasure in spending time with kids.

6 Sebright Rooster


One of the earliest British bantam breeds, this lovely little chicken remains one of the most well-liked even now. The hens only lay little white eggs, and they are particularly challenging to breed. Smaller than average chickens, Sebright roosters weigh an average of only 1.3 pounds. Their finely pointed rose combs are often bright red, although they can also occasionally be purple or mulberry in color. Sebright chickens have a black lace pattern evenly spaced along the edges of their feathers, and they come in a variety of hues, including lemon, silver, and gold.

7 Brahma Rooster


These magnificent birds take a little longer to mature, but when they do, they are enormous! Until the Jersey giant appeared, Brahma roosters—also referred to as the “King of Chickens”—were the largest breed of chicken. Their massive size—2 feet tall and 12 pounds heavy—is sufficient to frighten off a lot of smaller would-be predators. But they’re also incredibly gentle and submissive. Actually, Brahma roosters thrive in non-mixed flocks because they are frequently harassed by other breeds.

8 Wyandotte Rooster


The Wyandotte chicken, which first appeared in American cuisine in the 1870s, is named for the native Wyandot people of North America. Wyandotte hens are raised for their big brown eggs as well as their meat. These stunning birds are available in a variety of hues, such as Colombian, golden laced, blue, black, buff, partridge, white, silver laced, and silver penciled.

9 Australorp Rooster


Australorp hens are native to Australia and are renowned for their extraordinary egg-laying skills and endearing dispositions. Black Australorp roosters normally weigh 6 to 10 pounds in the United States. Their big, brilliant red combs and wattles contrast nicely with their dark feathers, which have an amazing iridescent look with undertones of dark forest green. Although australorp roosters are calm and amiable birds of prey, they have a tendency to become combative when defending their group.

10 Leghorn Rooster


These Italian-style chicken roosters have sleek feathers and long, flowing tails. They are available in an array of beautiful hues. Leghorn roosters have a sleek and trim look and weigh between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds. The most well-liked type are the all-white cocks with gorgeous crimson combs and wattles. Still, there are a plethora of other colors, including buff, red, black-tailed red, brown, black, and silver. The roosters watch out for their flock and are highly perceptive. They prefer to live in large spaces where they are free-range and are usually not very cute.

11 Sussex Rooster


The Sussex chicken, which is the oldest breed in Britain, has a lengthy history and originated in the English county of Sussex. Friendly, self-assured, and inquisitive, hens and roosters are well-known for their endearing and cheerful dispositions. The roosters are so docile that you can feed them right out of your fingers if you hand raise them! However, despite their kind nature, Sussex roosters are also vigilant guardians with excellent senses that will sound the alarm at the first sign of danger. A few cocks will even fearlessly defend themselves and take on any assailants head-on.

12 Faverolles Rooster


Originating in France, these stunning roosters were reared for their meat and eggs. The roosters of the faverolles are large, weighing approximately 11 pounds, with feathered feet and fully plumed bodies. They are popular as children’s pets and in small home flocks since they are fairly gentle. In contrast to roosters of other breeds, faverolles roosters are remarkably quiet. Because of their submissive disposition, Faverolles are more likely to experience bullying in mixed flocks. They are friendly and outgoing birds that do well in homes with other subdued breeds or other Faverolles.

13 Barbu d’Uccle Rooster


As real bantams, these Belgian chickens do not have a larger equivalent to match their diminutive stature. Barbu d’Uccle roosters have richly feathered bodies and are little, weighing only one to one and a half pounds. They are available in at least twenty-eight exquisite colors, such as white, mottled, cuckoo, blue, blue quail, lavender, silver coil, and cuckoo.
Barbu d’Uccle roosters take great pride in their responsibility to care for their flocks. They carefully safeguard the safety and well-being of their chickens and are excellent caretakers. Barbu d’Uccle roosters are little in stature, but they’re incredibly brave and have lively personalities.

14 Welsummer Rooster


The Welsummer chicken, named for the small Dutch municipality of Welsum, is an eye-catching bird with a majestic appearance. Its feathers are colored in light and dark brown tones, and they have partridge-like white feather shafts. Welsummer roosters have a glossy beetle-green breast and a warm, golden brown mantle. They have a magnificent beauty, but they also have a peaceful, agreeable nature that makes them get along well with people and other birds.

15 Delaware Rooster


The Delaware chicken, which originated in the US state of Delaware, is currently a severely endangered breed. Delaware roosters feature brilliant red wattles and combs, and they weigh approximately 8.5 pounds. Light black sprinkles around their necks and tails add a striking contrast to their white bodies. Even though they aren’t typically the nicest birds, they are quiet and submissive. Delaware roosters are vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times.

16 Java Rooster


One of the first chicken breeds in America is the Java. But the Java chicken is in grave danger these days. Java roosters have a sturdy, powerful body and reach a weight of approximately 9.5 pounds. Their feathers could be white, black, or speckled. Javas are multipurpose birds that are raised for both their meat and egg production. They are placid, hardy birds that thrive in small groups.

17 Langshan Rooster


Weighing about ten pounds, the Langshan rooster is a gentle giant. Its sleek black feathers and white skin make it one among the world’s oldest kinds of chickens. They are amiable creatures that make excellent pets and lap chickens, according to many. Even other animal species prefer to get along well with them. Although there are now white and blue varieties, the original fowl were black with a green sheen.

18 Orpington Rooster


Orpington chickens were bred originally for both eggs and meat, but today they are raised just for their amazing looks and good temperaments. Orpington roosters have huge, curvaceous bodies, brilliant red combs and wattles, and weigh between eight and ten pounds. They are extremely obedient and will even eat right out of your hand, but they will stop at nothing to keep their flock safe. Their keen senses enable them to recognize danger at the first sign, and occasionally they even give their lives to protect their hens!

19 Jersey Giant Rooster


The Jersey giant is one of the biggest and heaviest roosters available. These large lads, who were first developed in New Jersey, have powerful bodies and weigh between 13 and 15 pounds! Still, it does take a long period and a lot of food to grow to adulthood in a Jersey Giant rooster. Although they are available in several colors, black is the most popular color for these enormous fowl. Jersey Giant roosters are the ideal of gentle giants; they have no harsh or annoying characteristics, even with their enormous size. In addition to deliberately seeking to avoid confrontations, their formidable stature inherently discourages confrontations from other breeds.

20 New Hampshire Red Rooster


The New Hampshire red rooster originated in New Hampshire in the early 20th century, just like its name suggests. Their gorgeous reddish-brown feathers contain shades ranging from warm chestnut to golden bay. Red roosters from New Hampshire are about 8.5 pounds in weight, and they have fairly prominent red combs and wattles. Their graceful tail feathers are also black with a gorgeous beetle-green shine. In addition to producing meat, New Hampshire Reds are dual-purpose chickens that lay roughly 200 brown eggs annually.

Summary of 20 Different Types of Roosters (and What Makes Each Unique)

Rhode Island red rooster8.6 pounds
Silkie rooster2 to 3 pounds
Plymouth Rock rooster7.5 pounds
Polish rooster6 pounds
Cochin rooster8 to 13 pounds
Sebright rooster1.3 pounds
Brahma rooster12 pounds
Wyandotte rooster6 to 9 pounds
Australorp rooster6 to 10 pounds
Leghorn rooster5.5 to 7.5 pounds
Sussex rooster9 pounds
Faverolles rooster11 pounds
Barbu d’Uccle rooster1 to 1.5 pounds
Welsummer rooster7 to 8 pounds
Delaware rooster8.5 pounds
Java rooster9.5 pounds
Langshan rooster10 pounds
Orpington rooster8 to 10 pounds
Jersey giant rooster13 to 15 pounds
New Hampshire red rooster8.5 pounds


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