Tibetan Spaniels: Common Facts and Health Problems

A happy, loving breed of dog, the Tibetan Spaniel is also a perfect companion. Take this breed into consideration if you’re wanting to get a dog but aren’t sure what breed to choose. Here are some facts about Tibetan Spaniels that may help you get more comfortable with these adorable animals.Like any breed, the dogs […]

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baby stoat


Even though stoats are small animals, they are nonetheless tenacious and ambitious predators that may be found over much of North America, Europe, and Asia. Their preferred conditions are often cool, temperate, and frigid. To cope with the winter months, they adopt a characteristic white coat that trappers have long recognized as the opulent “ermine”

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Large cats like the cougar (Puma concolor) are indigenous to the Americas. Of all the large terrestrial mammals found in the Western Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed. KINGDOM Animalia PHYLUM Chordata SUBPHYLUM Vertebrata CLASS Mammalia ORDER Carnivora SUBORDER Feliformia FAMILY Felidae GENUS Puma SPECIES Puma concolor Owing to its extensive habitat, the cougar

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One of the five living species in the genus Panthera, which belongs to the Felidae family of cats, is the leopard (Panthera pardus). The leopard is characterized by its power, opportunistic hunting style, well-camouflaged fur, diverse diet, and adaptability to a wide range of habitats, including steppe, dry regions, and rainforests. KINGDOM Animalia PHYLUM Chordata

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