Blue bay Shepherd

Do you know anything about the Blue bay Shepherd? You’re going to be really happy. This gorgeous breed of blue wolf German Shepherd-type dog is a recent addition to the dog world. It is really attractive. Are you inquisitive about the Blue Bay Shepherd? Continue reading to discover why you’re going to like this new puppy you never knew you needed!


What Is a Blue Bay Shepherd?

Have you ever wished to be the proud owner of a dog that resembles an elegant wolf? They are quite amazing to see. The main issue is that dogs with more wolf-like appearances typically have wolf-like dispositions. And most individuals are not seeking for an antisocial, sometimes hostile pet.
The goal of the Blue Bay Shepherd breed is to produce a dog that combines the grace and beauty of wolves with the amiable, cheerful disposition and trainability of dogs. It’s been a big success thus far.
Old-style German Shepherds crossed with specially bred wolf-dogs produced Blue Bay Shepherds. Their goal was to have a wolf-like appearance, all the trainability and affection of a German Shepherd, and the The outcomes are astounding.

The History of the Blue Bay Shepherd


The Blue Bay Shepherd has a relatively short history. It all began with one woman’s vision: Palm Bay, Florida-based dog breeder Vicki Spencer.
When designing the Blue Bay Shepherd, she had two very precise lists of characteristics in mind. Both of them were things she wished to stay away from and breed for.

Her list of desirables included:

  • The wolf-like (lupine) appearance
  • kind and devoted character
  • Trainability Kind and compassionate disposition
  • The rich shade of blue
  • strong health

But she wanted to avoid:

The back of contemporary GSDs slopes significantly (and the hip dysplasia concerns)

  • hostility
  • Reticence
  • shadowy eyes
  • big ears

Vicki started by breeding her own wolf dogs in order to establish the foundation for the Blue Bay Shepherd. The canines were F5 wolfdogs, which means they were five generations removed from their wolf ancestors, once she had them trained to her specifications.
The DNA of Vicki’s canines is a mix of eight different dog breeds. To keep dishonest breeders from making subpar attempts to make their own copies of her new species, she has been reticent about exactly which breeds she used.
However, Malamute and Husky dogs have been identified as members of the lineage by DNA testing.
Vicki would later require the traditional German Shepherds when her wolf dogs were ready . These GSDs lack overly-angulated rear legs and sloping backs. In order to keep the color she desired, they also had to be blue.
A French breeder had exactly what she was looking for. She mated two of them, Passion and Jordan, with her own canines after importing them. In March 2011, the first official litters of Blue Bay Shepherds were born.
Their name is a combination of the names of their birthplace, Palm Bay, Florida, and German Shepherds, who are blue.

Are Blue Bay Shepherds Rare?


Yes, Blue Bay Shepherds are really uncommon right now.
Vicki’s Southern Breeze Kennels is home to the only authentic Blue Bay Shepherds. Only a few Blue Bays are added to their numbers each year since the development of these dogs is overseen solely by Vicki and a small group of her assistants.
Care and extremely selective breeding to promote the desirable features are also necessary for the breed’s proper development. Vicki may produce even less dogs because she is not breeding these dogs left and right.
On the other hand, the breed’s popularity is growing. Kurgan, a Blue Bay Shepherd, even has a nearly 300,000-subscriber YouTube account. As long as this trend persists, some will attempt to sell their pups as Blue Bay Shephards.
On the other hand, Vicki personally signs a certificate and assigns a registration number to each Blue Bay. This paperwork demonstrates that the dog is a real Blue Bay Shepherd.

How Much Wolf Is In a Blue Bay Shepherd?


About thirty percent of the original litter of Blue Bay puppies were descended from wolves. However, Vicki started breeding solely Blue Bays to each other after she found the dog she was searching for. Thus, the amount of wolf blood is decreasing with each generation.
There are still some Blue Bays where wolf DNA counts as high as 12 or 16%. However, Vicki’s goal is generally to maintain that number below 6%.

Physical Traits


Vicki’s goal of having Blue Bay Shepherds appear just like what you would anticipate. These are big canines that resemble wolves. Their long hair has a stunning slate gray or blue color.
Their eyes are normally bright yellow in hue, occasionally with greenish tinges, and they have a black or blue nose. Even the eyes of certain Blue Bays are blue.
They are athletic, well-built canines. They are clearly descended from German Shepherd parents, even though their wolf heritage is evident. Their heads’ form is the most obvious example of this.

How Big Will a Blue Bay Shepherd Be?


Given that they are a relatively new breed, Blue Bay Shepherd sizes still vary somewhat. They will, nevertheless, consistently fall on the larger end of the spectrum.
Males can grow to a height of more than thirty inches and are often larger than females. Despite their strength, they are lean dogs; males often weigh 85–105 pounds, while females typically weigh 70–85 pounds. On the other hand, some Blue Bays have a weight of 130 pounds!
A Blue Bay Shepherd is, above all, a charming little lap dog that can live contentedly in a small flat.

Do They Come In Any Other Colors?

Remember that the Blue Bay Shepherd was created by combining elements of several different dog breeds, even if blue was the preferred hue. Therefore, until the breed is standardized, a few other coat colors may and will appear.

Other Colors:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Beige and cream
  • White
  • Black
  • Black and tan

Blue Bay Shepherd Temperament

Even though Vicki wanted these pups to have a lupin-like appearance, she will forgo the appearance in favor of disposition. Creating a family pet was her first objective; however, making them resemble wolves came in second.
Either way, she was successful in both.
Unlike their wolf forebears, Blue Bay Shepherds are not as aloof or aggressive, instead having a sweet and caring demeanor.
Of course, training and appropriate puppy socialization also have a role on the dog’s attitude. However, the dogs are often friendly, kind, loving, and lively by nature. Even when it comes to other animals and livestock, you can trust them!

Sociability with Other Pets


Does owning a Blue Bay Shepherd require a family to have only one pet? Can you trust this nearly wolf-like dog with other animals?
The owners state that their Blue Bay puppies get along nicely with both cats and other dogs. It is best to raise them with other pets and ensure that they receive sufficient socialization. But this isn’t unique to dogs with wolf-like appearances; it happens to all dogs.

Are Blue Bay Shepherds Good Pets?

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a fantastic family pet because of its loving, kind disposition. However, they’ll thrive in a particular kind of house.
Given that they are descended from GSDs and huskies, it is only natural that Blue Bay Shepherds are highly active canines. And they’re usually really large. Therefore, a house with a big yard and lots of room for running is the perfect spot for them.
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Since Blue Bays are especially prone to separation anxiety, it is ideal for an active family to spend a lot of time with the puppy.
For sheer reason, little children might not be the greatest fit for homes with small children. Despite their benign nature, their size and energy allow them to inadvertently injure small family members.
Are you unsure if your house would work well here? It’s best to ask Vicki directly to find out. As of right now, she’s the only place to find a real Blue Bay Shepherd, and she prefers that her dogs find loving, supportive homes.

Food and Health


Vicki wants the Blue Bay Shepherd to be robust and healthy, among other things. However, because the breed is so young, it is impossible to determine whether there are any common issues or established health patterns.
In general, dogs descended from wolves are healthy and live long lives. Contrary to this, though, is the small gene pool. Since all Blue Bays are descended from the same parent, Southern Breeze Ranch’s breeders must exercise caution to prevent inbreeding and the issues that can arise from it.
Vicki purposely utilized the old-style German Shepherds to avoid the hip dysplasia that frequently results from the sloping back of modern GSDs. This does not, however, totally rule out the elbow and hip dysgenesis.
Furthermore, conditions including epilepsy, degenerative myelopathy, pituitary dwarfism, and anomalies of the eyes could still be inherited from the Shepherds she used.
It’s also crucial to remember that, like many large breed dogs, Blue Bays can be prone to bloat. Avoid eating within 30 minutes of exercising, either before or after, to help prevent this. If your dog has a tendency to eat too quickly, you might also think about using a slow feeder dish.

Grooming Needs

GSDs shed twice a year, for six months in the spring and six months in the fall, from their thick double coats. And that’s exactly how wolf dogs are.
In order to control shedding, a Blue Bay Shepherd needs daily brushing during the worst of the seasons. You can get away with brushing them one to three times a week for the remainder of the year. Frequent brushing will also help maintain their long hair tangle-free and shiny, which adds to their beauty.
In any case, grooming your dog makes him feel safe and cherished in your house and is a terrific way to strengthen your bond with him.
Because Blue Bay Shepherds are such energetic dogs, they usually wear down their own nails by racing around on firm surface. If not, you ought to keep some clippers nearby to prevent them from growing too much.
Keep in mind that German Shepherds frequently get ear infections. Therefore, to prevent the same, make sure your Blue Bay’s ears are dry and clean.

Where To Find Blue Bay Shepherd Dogs?

A genuine Blue Bay Shepherd dog may only be obtained from Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida. These puppies are usually on a one- or two-year waiting list because the breed is still in its infancy and there are so few of them.
Though not as expensive as you might anticipate from an exclusive breeder, the puppies can nonetheless be highly valued.

Keeping your Blue Bay Shepherd Safe

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Final Thoughts

Do you think it would be wonderful to have a German Shepherd-type blue wolf dog in your home? The stunning Blue Bay Shepherd might be a fantastic choice for you.
In addition, you would participate in the creation of a brand-new breed!
Vicki maintains communication with every owner of her puppies in order to track their growth and behavior throughout time. With her new breed, she hopes to establish and uphold a standard and continue to improve with each passing generation.
If one of these puppies ends up in your possession, you’ll embark on a journey that goes beyond simply obtaining a new pet. In addition, you will receive far more affection and loyalty than you could have imagined!


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