Black Axolotl

If you enjoy axolotls or recently downloaded the latest Minecraft update, you might be interested in learning more about these cool-looking creatures, particularly the black ones. They appear to be a lot of fun they have constant smiles, delicate coloration, and a futuristic appearance.

However, there are some care details you should be aware of before making a decision they aren’t as simple to take care of as they would seem. So let’s talk about this remarkable amphibian to determine if you’re up for the task. For more information about the black axolotl, keep reading!

Quick Facts about Black Axolotl

Species Name:Ambystoma mexicanum
Common Name:Axolotl, Mexican walking fish
Care Level:Intermediate
Lifespan:15.5 years
Adult Size:11.5-12.5 inches
Minimum Tank Size:21 gallons
Temperature:61-65 degrees Fahrenheit
Water Conditions:Freshwater

Do Black Axolotls Make Good Pets?

In the proper house, a black axolotl can make a fantastic tank addition. They can coexist happily in some situations, but they obviously don’t get along well with other species’ partners.
There is no need to purchase additional black axolotls since they like to live alone. They enjoy having only their own company.
If you decide to house them together, supervision is required because some axolotls can become violent against tankmates.Always ensure they are roughly the same size to avoid eating or bullying.
Axolotls are quite intriguing-looking animals, but if you aren’t familiar with their particular requirements, they can be difficult to care for. Without the experience, if you believe you have what it takes, make sure you brush up on your up on any relevant care information.
The better habitat and care you can give these animals, the better.


Axolotls are easily recognized thanks to their charming appearance. These creatures appear to have unusual color patterns and grins that never seem to fade. They have adorable webbed feet, gorgeous spiky manes, and bodies that resemble eels.
Axolotls that are black might be very dark or very light gray. Along the tops of their heads and backs, they have unique patches.

How to Take Care of Black Axolotl

Black axolotls are amphibians that live in freshwater. For them to thrive, the water must meet very particular requirements. Your axolotl can spend a complete lifespan contentedly in their aquatic habitat once you have all the necessary elements.

Black Axolotl Photos

Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup


You need a tank that is at least 20 gallons big, or one black axolotl. The size should be multiplied by the number of axolotls you have. A cover is very helpful to them because they have been known to jump out of the water.
Since axolotls are exclusively aquatic, there are no out-of-water areas to be concerned about, allowing you to entirely fill the tank.


Filters are not necessary for axolotls, but a clean tank is. Living in unclean environments might result in a number of health problems. A filter can be used, as many hobbyists do. But make sure it is always the right kind.
One of the most popular devices used in axolotl tanks is a sponge filter since it can capture trash without stirring up the water too much.


Black axolotls require a tank that replicates the day/night cycles found in the natural world. They don’t require additional heating or cooling as long as their water temperature remains between 60 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

In general, you can choose to keep black axolotls bare-bottomed. To offer them traction at the floor level, you could wish to lay tile or slate.
Never use gravel, tiny stones, or other similar materials. Axolotls are sloppy eaters and may ingest these fragments, which could result in an intestinal blockage and death.


The black axolotl’s diet is rather simple because there isn’t a big list of foods that it must consume. Carnivores, axolotls primarily eat worms and tiny fish for food.
Due to their slow digestion, you should feed these frogs on average every two to three days.

Aquarium Recommendations

Tank Type:20-gallon aquarium


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