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The eroge video game Baiburu Burakku was created by ActiveSoft and released on July 14, 2000. The game’s original artwork, character designs, and original storyline were all created by Sei Shoujo. For an eroge hentai animation, it earned noteworthy positive reviews.

bible black hentai

Since then, Milky Studio has transformed the game into a number of adult anime adaptations. The original adaptation, simply dubbed Bible Black, had six episodes and included a variety of game-related events. A two-episode OVA called Bible Black: Origins, which functioned as a prologue to the events of Bible Black, was released the following year. Bible Black: New Testament, a follow-up series created by Milky Studio in April 2004, continues the adventures of the main protagonists 10 years after Bible Black. It happens in black. Bible Black Only, the most recent OVA adaptation, is made up of gaiden tales that describe what happened to various characters during the course of Bible Black.
A shorter sequel, Bible Black Infection, was released in 2008 after the game was reprinted in 2006 as Bible Black Slim with more sequences. Since Sei Shoujo had already departed ActiveSoft, he was not engaged in any of these games.

Black bible Plot

In the school’s basement, Taki Minase, a student at the academy, discovers a weird book called the Bible Black. He interprets the Latin-French manuscripts with the aid of his cousin and discovers that they include instructions for black magic, which is really a type of Kabbalistic satanism (the translation was not revealed in the OVA).
Thanks to Minase, who also utilises the book’s ability to make Rika Shiraki fall in love with him, Ayumi Murai’s lover is able to fall in love with her once more.
The school nurse, Reika Kitami, learns about his miraculous deeds and decides to persuade him to come to her since she needs the book for herself. On Walpurgis Night twelve years ago, Kitami served as a sacrifice for the previous Witchcraft Club and only managed to live by establishing a pact with Satan and turning into a futanari. The life that Satan has granted Kitami is running short, therefore she needs a virgin girl to serve as a conduit for her rebirth. After being seduced by Kitami and possessed by a lesser demon, she rapes Saeki into submission when Minase drags her along and takes over the Witchcraft Club.
In an effort to locate the virgin she needs, Kitami offers females private counselling sessions. She discloses to Minase that she has had two girls Kurumi Imari, a childhood acquaintance of Shiraki and Minase, caught her attention. Imari, who has just missed school after seeing Minase and Shiraki having sex, is being pursued by Kitami because Shiraki is no longer a virgin (due to Minase). In addition, Kitami frequently kidnaps Hiroko Takashiro, a teacher of art, and subjects her to sexual torture after learning that Takashiro was the leader of the Witchcraft Club that had sacrificed her, despite the fact that Takashiro had left the circle before the ceremony.
When Kitami kidnaps Imari, the smaller demon leaves Minase and realises he must defend Imari because he loves her. He finds a spell Takashiro thinks may thwart Kitami’s plot with the aid of Takashiro and the Bible Black. By Now that Walpurgis Night has arrived once more, Kitami intends to reincarnate as Imari.Kitami slits her wrists and has sex with Imari as part of the rebirth ceremony, but Minase interrupts them both and casts a spell on Kitami. As a result, the ceremony is said to have failed, and Kitami passes away from blood loss.

bible black plot

After Minase and Imari proclaim their love, they have a sexual encounter. The Bible Black was intended to be placed there before the door was blocked, and Saeki is subsequently observed in the Witchcraft Club sanctuary plotting to take it. Imari enters the space, casts a fire spell to burn down the Bible Black, and then she shows herself to be a futanari, demonstrating the effectiveness of Kitami’s ceremony. the series’ conclusion Imari decided to rape Saeki once more in order to evaluate her new physique.
Since then, Bible Black has been recut into a 110-minute movie called Bible Black Complete Version, which includes all six episodes. Burakku Kanzenban Baiburu. The series was also the subject of a little amount of controversy when it was shown on the Canadian youth network Teletoon as a “midnight movie” at a time when other anime films were being shown. This was allegedly a mistake caused by no one monitoring what was presented. Only the opening thirty minutes were broadcast.

bible black characters

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Bible Black Origins

Bible Black (, Baiburu Burakku, Bible Black), the first OVA based on the video game, has the same name.
Taki Minase, a student at the academy, finds a strange book called the Bible Black in the basement of the institution. With the help of his cousin, he deciphers the Latin-French texts and learns that they contain instructions for dark magic, which is actually a form of Kabbalistic satanism (the translation was not disclosed in the OVA).

Is the second OVA adaptation of the game, which debuted on May 25, 2002. Hiroko Takashiro and Reika Kitami are now students at the school, and other new characters are also introduced. The story takes place roughly twelve years before the events of the first OVA. The first episode begins with Nami Kozono and Junko Mochida, two female students, having sex in a classroom after school. Hiroko Takashiro and her two closest friends, Rie Morita and Saki Shindou, are reading Tarot cards in a different classroom. A fortune cookie tells them: “Great change is upon you.” Your life will undergo a significant transformation. They are shortly interrupted by Nami, who advises them to leave if they do not belong to a club. She then chastises the group for having a witchcraft interest. She is cautioned by Hiroko not to take witchcraft lightly. She even invites Nami to join them as she explains that they are attempting to use witchcraft to discover the historical truth. Initially interested, Nami swiftly dismisses it and continues to criticise them.
The following day, Reika Kitami, a lovely but innocent girl, transfers to the school. Here it is also revealed that Nami, the chairman of Student Council, has rejected the girls’ proposal to create a Witchcraft club.
Later that day, Nami shows a lot of interest in Reika and flirts with her in the restroom, but this just seems to make her feel uneasy. Nami flirts with Reika, but when she doesn’t reciprocate, she starts making inappropriate moves. After school, Nami offers to help Reika with a class she’s struggling in and then takes advantage of the situation to sexually abuse Reika. Having never experienced rejection before, Nami is incensed when a humiliated Reika rejects her and rushes off.
The Franco-Latin-Hebraic text of the Bible Black is being translated by Hiroko and her companions as they plot to get revenge on Nami for banning them to start a witchcraft club. As a trial run, they used a straightforward magic that is believed to cause a young lady to “dance naked” on Nami’s boyfriend, Junko. Their spell works because the following day, while Junko is giving a lecture, she feels aroused. She stripped off and performed a public masturbation in front of the entire school during a speech at an assembly. The incident horrifies Nami, who subsequently develops misgivings about the group when Saki says she could “be the next to dance naked.”
After school, the gang is asked to perform a spell on Nami so that Hiratani, an outcast male student who is madly in love with Nami, might win her over. After they do this, Nami finds herself madly in love with Hiratani when she gets to school the following day. During lunch, she invites him to meet her in the Student Council room, where they frequently engage in sexual activity. Through a window, Hiroko, Rie, and Saki observe, surprised that their magic has worked. The group is asked to perform similar favours by other students (and a few instructors), and they earn a respectable sum of money.
One day after school, Nami goes to Hiroko and her pals and begs them to use their magic to make Hiratani love her forever since she is desperate for more of Hiratani’s attention. In return for a location where the gang may practise their magic, Hiroko promises she will accomplish this. Hiroko agrees to do the magic casting, and Nami makes arrangements for them to utilise the school basement. But rather of granting Nami’s wish, she performs a “release spell” on her, forcing her to reawaken and realise that she had “fucked that filthy man,” prompting Nami to depart the room in rage. The next day when Nami returns to school, she is horrified to see that Hiratani is still madly in love with her. She gives an order for several goons to bash him in a warehouse until he passes out. Nami starts to approach Reika once more when Hiratani leaves, pleading with her to have sex with her to “purify” her body of Hiratani’s odour. Finally, in self-defense, Reika strikes out and smacks Nami, calling her insane.
When Nami earns Hiroko’s confidence and approaches her about joining their club (now known as “Rose Cross”), she is eager to get revenge on both Reika and Hiroko’s gang. Hiroko lets her in, chuckling at Nami’s eagerness to join them after originally making fun of them.
Eventually, the gang intends to call Satan himself, although they are aware that Before moving on to a complete human sacrifice, they require a test. They choose to conjure a demon for their first ceremony in an effort to win over Satan. They kill a stray puppy that Reika had made friends with when she first arrived at school as the sacrifice. The demon then continues to savagely rape Hiroko, sending her to the hospital, but the ritual goes horrifically wrong.
Nami uses Hiroko’s absence to her advantage and assumes control of Rose Cross as Walpurgis Night approaches. She makes the decision to offer Reika as a virgin sacrifice on the day of Walpurgis in order to unlock the Gates of Hell. Reika is taken hostage by her assailants, who then bring her to the warehouse where they tell her the truth. the slaughtered puppy’s body. While she and the others are getting ready for the ceremony, Nami grants the thugs permission to gang-rape Reika as long as they only have anal relations with her, maintaining her virginity. Unbeknownst to Nami, one of the goons disregards her directive and steals Reika’s virginity nevertheless. Hiroko awakens in the hospital and checks herself out after realising it is Walpurgis night. When she comes back, she tells the group to stop practising magic since its strength is too much for them to bear. However, she is unable to persuade them and is ejected against her will by Nami and the rest of the gang. Rie and Saki then lock her in a closet until the ceremony is complete.
Reika is offered up, yet the Gates of Hell react, yet they do not open since she is no longer a virgin. As the Gates finally start to open, Nami, who is now insane and determined to exact revenge on the gang, goes on a violent spree and massacres the other members, including Hiroko’s pals. Nami lays her weapon on the ground before chanting to Satan in front of the gates. Despite being critically hurt, Reika manages to stab Nami to death with all of her remaining might. The dying Reika is then offered a deal by Satan: in exchange for her soul, he will extend her life for a number of years. Reika reluctantly agrees to the bargain but immediately passes away
After succeeding in escaping a short while later, Hiroko rushes down. to discover that the ritual had come to a conclusion and that all of the Rose Cross members—including Nami, Rie, and Saki—had been brutally murdered. Reika is shown wandering the town at morning while nude and covered in blood, clearly distressed and gazing joyfully up into the sky. A final image of her going through the town as the film fades away shows her as the lady Kurumi Imari and Taki Minase would meet twelve years later.

New Bible Black

Is the third episode of the OVA collection. Since Walpurgis Night, the members of the Witchcraft Club have graduated from college and successfully carved out successful careers. Takashiro chooses to become a Buddhist nun, while Shiraki and Saeki both become teachers at their schools. Imari is now a police officer working in the Tokken division as a psychic investigator. Her team is investigating a string of brutal murders that all occurred after sexual contact.
Witnesses strangely report seeing a ghostly presence at the crime scenes. With a new group of girls, Saeki resumes the Witchcraft Club, although initially, it’s unclear whether she’s working against Kitami or for her. Imari and Aki, her Tokken subordinate, are enmeshed in The robbers carried off a bank heist. Imari becomes possessed by Kitami after an unplanned ceremony is held there. Imari later takes the Lance of Longinus from the bank vault that the thieves were chasing.
Aki is the virginal “Scarlet Woman” who Imari/Kitami has found. She uses the Longinus Lance during the sexual ritual with her. Takashiro and the spectral person known as Jody Crowley both disrupt the ritual, though for opposite reasons. Aki is now being pursued by numerous powers of black magic as the Lance becomes firmly embedded in her vagina.
The black magic powers of Imari/Kitami and Jody Crowley clash over the Scarlet Woman as the last ceremony comes to a close. Attacks are launched everywhere. To vanquish both of them and put a stop to the evil ceremonial, Takashiro and Captain Yuge strive. The Lance of Longinus returns out of Aki just as Jody looks to have triumphed, reviving the old grimoire, Bible Black. Reika Kitami and Jody Crowley are the two souls of the pact that the devil appears to steal. Jody’s soul is kidnapped, and Kitami is able to take possession of Jody’s body despite Takashiro’s final effort to lock the grimoire. One of the final shots shows Aki’s laptop screensaver, which is many images of a frightening Kitami, hinting at a potential future edition to the series. The closing scene is serene with everyone appearing happy with the world.
The majority of Bible Black’s characters reappear in the New Testament, but only Minase does.His destiny is unknown as he does not appear and is only mentioned once.

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