40 Spiritual Cat Names

Spiritual Male Cat Names


1. Ulysses

Meaning: Wrathful
Origin: Latin
Is your cat extra sassy and vengeful? Ulysses might be the ideal name.

2. Ajaj

Meaning: Miracle
Origin: Arabic
Our kittens can feel like little miracles in our lives, and Ajaj is the perfect name to remind us of this sentiment.

3. Zeus

Meaning: Sky; Greek king of the gods
Origin: Greek/Greek mythology
Zeus is a powerful and celestial name for a male cat.

4. Genesis

Meaning: Beginning; birth
Origin: Greek

5. Hercules

Meaning: Glory; pride
Origin: Greek/Greek mythology
The name “Hercules” will do right by your cat, allowing you to celebrate its strength in all of its glory.

6. Thor

Meaning: God of thunder; strength and power
Origin: Scandinavian/Norse mythology
Thor is the perfect cat name for any Marvel fans.

7. Bishop

Meaning: Overseer
Origin: British; Greek
Do you ever feel like your cat is always watching you — or, at the very least, watching over you? Bishop might just be the name for your furry friend.

8. Griffin

Meaning: Lord; strong chief
Origin: Welsh
Griffin is not only a charming boy’s name, but it has deep significance.

9. Jericho

Interpretation: “city of the moon”; fortitude and tenacity
Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek
This unique and gorgeous name has a powerful, spiritual origin.

10. Hero

Meaning: Brave one; courageous and noble
Origin: Greek
Frequently, our felines become our personal heroes.

11. Loki

Meaning: Trickster; airy
Origin: Norse mythology
Your mischievous male cat would look fantastic with the humorous name Loki.

12. Zion

Meaning: Highest point; holy place
Origin: Hebrew
The sacred name Zion is a source of strength and authority.

13. Bodhi

Meaning: Awakening; enlightenment
Origin: Sanskrit
Bodhi is a very spiritual term and a great name for a cat.

14. Phoenix

Meaning: Resilient; immortal
Origin: Greek mythology
Similar to how we regard our cats, the phoenix is revered as an incredibly strong character.

15. Sirius

Meaning: Glowing; bright star
Origin: Greek
Hint: After your cat exhibits devilish behavior, you can question it, “Are you serious?” and add even more humor to this nickname.

16. Achilles

Meaning: Pain; Greek warrior
Origin: Greek mythology
Has your cat ever made you feel like you’re weak?

17. Apollo

Meaning: God of healing and prophecy
Origin: Greek; Roman
Apollo is a fitting name for our male cats because many people think that cats have psychic healing abilities.

18. Orion

Meaning: Power; light of the haven; sky
Origin: Greek
Actually, Orion is a group of stars that can be seen in certain parts of the night sky.

19. Deacon

Meaning: Messenger; helper; servant
Origin: Greek; English; Christian
Although people may associate the designation Deacon with religion, it actually connotes helpfulness and good servant leadership.

20. Midas

Meaning: Touch of gold; power
Origin: Greek
Much like Midas, due to their adorable and warm-hearted nature, it can feel like everything our cats touch turns to gold.

Spiritual Female Cat Names


1. Bliss

Meaning: Joy; spiritual happiness
Origin: British
Bliss is a beautiful name that’s sure to paint your cat in a bright light.

2. Alya

Meaning: Sky; heaven
Origin: Arabic
For those who adore the sky, Alya is the ideal spiritual cat name.

3. Ophelia

Meaning: Help/healing; advantage
Origin: Greek
Ophelia is a traditional feminine name that connotes a powerful, consoling, and peaceful presence.

4. Andromeda

Meaning: Leader; advisor
Origin: Greek
For those cats who are more self-assured and assertive, Andromeda is a perfect name.

5. Aurora

Meaning: Dawn; natural light
Origin: Latin
Aurora is a name that is just as lovely as the exquisite dawn light it symbolizes.

6. Celeste

Meaning: Heavenly; celestial
Origin: Latin; Italian; French
Your kitty buddy will undoubtedly get a celestial sparkle from Celeste.

7. Roxana

Meaning: Dawn; little star; bright; shining
Origin: Persian
Roxana is the ideal name to fully capture your cat’s presence in your life, since our furry family members are probably stars in our eyes.

8. Estela

Meaning: Star
Origin: Spanish
Not only is Stella a stunning name, but it also symbolizes bright stars in the night sky.

9. Amethyst

Meaning: Protection against intoxication
Origin: Greek
This unique cat name highlights our felines’ spiritual abilities to protect us.

10. Crystal

Meaning: Precious; clear
Origin: Greek
Because our kitties are just as precious (yet resilient!) as crystals!

11. Sage

Meaning: Wise; prophet
Origin: Latin
Sage is an extraordinary yet appropriate name because cats are the inheritors of ancient wisdom and mystery.

12. Sol

Meaning: Sun; peace
Origin: Spanish; Jewish
The name “Sol” not only has a soulful quality to it, but it also represents the sun’s intensity.

13. Stella

Meaning: Star; celestial
Origin: Latin; Italian
With its cosmic quality, this beautiful name exudes the charm of the entire world.

14. Aura

Meaning: Soft breeze; gentle presence
Origin: Greek
Aura is the perfect name for a quieter, more timid kitten with a tremendous heart.

15. Angelica

Meaning: Angel; messenger of God
Origin: Latin
Oftentimes, our felines can feel like angels brought to us from above, making Angelica the perfect cat name.

16. Harmony

Meaning: Agreement; concord
Origin: Greek
The name “Harmony” symbolizes a sense of balance and peace, and it reminds us of the spiritual harmony our furry friends bring to our lives.

17. Destiny

Meaning: Fate; fortune
Origin: French
Don’t you think that adopting your unique cat was “destiny”?

18. Luna

Meaning: Moon
Origin: Latin; Spanish; Italian; Roman mythology
Luna is a name that I think is ideal for a cat, and those who adore the moon will definitely feel drawn to it.

19. Mercy

Meaning: Compassion; forgiveness
Origin: British
Our little bundles of fur and love naturally embody the concept of mercy, making it an exquisite and fitting name.

20. Serenity

Meaning: Peace; calmness
Origin: French; Latin



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